The American Duchess by Joan Wolf

The American Duchess by Joan Wolf
Publisher: Untreed Reads
Genre: Historical, Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower


Young and lovely Tracy Bodmin was as spirited and independent as the America she came from—but love for her father made her yield to his heart’s desire. Though William Bodmin had made his fortune in the New World, he dreamed of a title for his daughter in his native England—and his wealth won a marriage proposal to Tracy from the proud Duke of Hastings.

Thus it was that Tracy voyaged full-sail into the world of the aristocracy as wife to one of its most splendid lords. Behind she left Adam Lancaster, the handsome, rugged New Englander who adored her. Ahead lay fear and danger in the arms of a powerful, magnetic man whose mode of life and love she did not know…

The American Duchess possesses the stereotypical historical romance plot plus something more. Basically, it’s about a duke returning from war, and he inherits his father estates only to find out his father gambled all the family money away. The duke needs money to pay off debts and restore his estates to what they once were so of course, an arranged marriage to a rich bride is the only solution. Typically, the bride has her own reasons for needing a husband. However, this is a book by Joan Wolf which means there’s going to be a twist. The bride is from America. That is where the fun begins in the story because the bride is not accustomed to the aristocratic world.

Tracy, the heroine, is from Salem Massachusetts; a girl after my own heart. I was born in Massachusetts, so I know the area she’s from quite well. I could only imagine leaving the only home I knew to live in a foreign place where everyone only called you “Your Grace”. Tracy did her best to adjust to her new role as the duke’s wife.

Adrian, the hero, did his best to accept Tracy for who she was. He didn’t expect her to change her opinions or political beliefs. Adrian was extremely busy, but he made time to get to know Tracy and make her welcome.

Adrian and Tracy went from strangers to husband and wife rapidly. However, they had a sweet budding romance that slowly grew throughout their marriage which helps the reader to be able relate and fall in love too. Their friendship was endearing while their romance was heartwarming. It wasn’t all smooth sailing that is for sure but that is what made the happily ever after more satisfying. I hate to say it because I’m a fan of the author, Joan Wolf, but I felt this story was a wee bit drawn-out. I understand though that I had to go through the emotional conflict of ‘does he/she really love me for me?’ to get to the ‘deep sigh’ of “I love you” moment. Considering they both married for two different reasons, I understood their insecurities.

The story as a whole held my interest from the first page to the last, giving me the feeling of not wanting to put it down until I did reach the final page. I encourage readers give The American Duchess a look and a try. I’m glad I did.

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