Stephen by Sean Michael

Stephen by Sean Michael
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Bad boy ISO someone to make me behave. Punishments welcome. Strict Daddy Dom necessary. Will consider a pair.

When Champ reads the ad on the internet, the dragon shifter is immediately intrigued and contacts the boy who wrote it. When a quick phone conversation leads to the boy sharing his address, Champ heads over, unhappy that a boy would not only leave his phone number on the internet, but then just give out his address. When he knocks on the door, he’s ready to show this boy exactly what kind of punishments he can mete out.
Stephen would like to be a boy, but he’s been burned, and badly, in the past, so he’s not in the lifestyle anymore. All that changes when he answers the door and meets Champ. It doesn’t matter that Champ was expecting to meet Stephen’s roommate Marc, the big Daddy falls for Stephen immediately and insists that while there was an initial mix-up, Stephen is the one he’s actually there for
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Patience, kink, and confidence may not be enough for this Daddy to win his boy over, but add in the magic of love and dragons and it’s a whole other story.

Champagne knows as soon as he sees the ad online – a Boy ISO (in search of) a Strict Daddy – that something just clicked and was very, very right. He answers immediately, rushing to the home address planning on blistering the ass of a very reckless young man, only to come face to face with Stephen. While it was Stephen’s flatmate who had put the advertisement so unwisely online, Its him and only he who Champ has eyes for. But Stephen has a rocky past and isn’t in the lifestyle anymore, but Champ simply isn’t willing to take no for an answer and possibly lose the only man who can complete him.

This is a lovely, sexy and smoking hot full length story. I really enjoyed Stephen’s character in particular, the brief hints have from his past experience really helped me feel connected to him and a strong empathy for him being reluctant and burned. While Champ gets under Stephen’s skin (and into his pants!) fairly quickly I did like how they didn’t just jump immediately into the sack – as that wouldn’t have felt very realistic with Stephen’s reluctance and history.

I have to admit I haven’t read any of this author’s dragon books before this one (I’m not a massive paranormal fan and dragon’s don’t do a lot for me usually), but I actually enjoyed the slightly different aspect to the paranormal that this author gave the story. Things like Champ could hear the “singing” in Stephen’s head once they started connecting and bonding, or like how Champ could see the dreams Stephen had while sleeping – slightly unusual (for me, at least) but definitely paranormal elements to the story that I found interesting and kinda cool. There were also further hints throughout the story of Champ and his two best friends’ dragon “hoarde” and various magical elements that I felt added an interesting depth to the story.

Stephen’s flatmate, Marcus, and Champ’s two best friends also make a threesome in a sort of sub-plot that I felt helped round out the story well and made the book more than just about Stephen and Champ and their relationship and sexy escapades. I particularly liked how at a few points Champ felt the need to touch base with his two bff’s and just check that he was on the right path. This made him feel more human and relatable to me and I thought it was lovely to see this very slightly vulnerable side to him.

With plenty of hot sex, a few hints of BDSM elements and some complicated and excellent secondary characters this was a lovely long read and a multi-faceted story that I really enjoyed.

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