Serenade of Solitude by Asif Hossain

Serenade of Solitude by Asif Hossain
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Young Adult (14 – 18 y.o.), Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

In the idyllic coastal town of Portofino, Italy, where azure waters meet picturesque landscapes, an introverted post-teen named Firo found solace in solitude. The enchanting harmony of nature and the tranquility of his own company were all he ever desired. At the tender age of 19, Firo had become well acquainted with loneliness, drifting through life with a longing for connection he couldn’t quite fulfill. His life takes an unexpected turn as he encounters a captivating young woman named Anna on a rainy evening.

Love can sneak up on a person at any age.

The descriptions in this novella were vivid and beautiful. Sometimes reading it felt like watching a movie because of how effortless it was for me to imagine everything that was happening, from little moments like a character stepping outside into a clean, glittering world just after a rainstorm ended to scenes that changed the course of the plot forever. There clearly had been a lot of effort put into these passages, and they paid off nicely.

With that being said, I struggled with the slow storyline. So much attention was paid to describing the settings that there wasn’t as much space left over for plot development as I would have liked to see. Sometimes this made it hard for me to remain as interested in the characters as I was in the beginning.

Firo was an interesting and self-aware protagonist. I appreciated the fact that he knew what his flaws were and tried to correct them. That’s a difficult thing for anyone to do, especially someone who is nineteen years old and sometimes acts younger than his chronological age. I found myself wishing I could speed ahead in his life by a few decades to see how much insight he gained about his strengths and weaknesses when he was middle aged or even older than that. There was a lot of potential for growth with him, although I was satisfied with what the author shared at this point in this character’s life as well.

Serenade of Solitude was peaceful.

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