Schoolboy Blues by Kiernan Kelly

Schoolboy Blues by Kiernan Kelly
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (57 pages)
Other: M/M
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Once best friends, Angelo and Vincent parted after a night of hot passion and conflicting emotions.

Rock star Angelo knows a good thing when he’s got it, and what he has on stage with his band now is as good as it gets. He clings to that knowledge during the times when he longs for the warmth of a lover in his heart and his bed.
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Vincent has grown adept at ducking his mother’s probing questions about grandbabies, while dedicating his life to nailing perps to the jailhouse wall in criminal court. His family and his career bring him satisfaction, but he dares not pursue a relationship that would complete his life.

Could the music that led to their parting a decade ago be the bond that brings these two lovers back together again?

Performing and being on stage is the only place Rush wants to be. Rush had left a number of things behind in his home state – and Vincent was one of them. They’d broken up on bad terms and neither had considered reaching out to the other. But when they meet again they realise they’ve both grown up a lot in the intervening years. Can their high school romance survive a second test run?

I found this to be a really interesting – though slow paced – short story. I really enjoyed both Rush’s character and Vinnie’s. While the first half of the book is quite slow – setting the scene and explaining both Rush and Vinnie’s history together and a lot about the men they’ve grown to become, when they finally meet up again things move really quickly from there and the pace speeds up to a level that I really enjoyed. Initially, I was also a bit confused as to why the story was set in the early 1970s. Right toward the end of the story this aspect becomes crystal clear, but I spent nearly the whole story confused as to why this story needed to be set nearly forty years in the past.

When Rush and Vinnie finally met back up again and finally had an intense and long-overdue talk, their relationship and chemistry started to really drag me into the story. The two men together were smoking hot and I feel despite the fact there’s only one scene of intimacy between them I found it really satisfying and believable. I also really enjoyed how once their past had been squared away Vinnie and Rush’s relationship reverted back to being both best friends as well as lovers. It was clear the two men could count on each other and had the other’s back – and I adored that.

Different and a little slow to start, I found this overall to be an interesting and well written character-based story. I enjoyed it and would certainly try this author again.

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