Scandals of Tokyo by Heather Hallman

Scandals of Tokyo by Heather Hallman
(Tokyo Whispers, #1)
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Genre: Historical, Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Chamomile

In the Foreign Quarter of Tsukiji, Tokyo, Japan, Victorian England is alive and well. Manners and etiquette are as valuable as gossip and deceit. Men are more rakish than ever – so far from home, societal rules seemed to be relaxed. But courting young women still requires a deft hand, a smart wit, and a man with something to offer.


Intent on being an international journalist of repute, Evelyn Prescott will do what it takes to make her mark.

It doesn’t hurt her father has built a newspaper empire, but finding a scandal in Japan is no easy task.

As much as she hates to admit it, she is forced to meet with the owner of the Tokyo Daily News, Ned Taylor, also an Englishman.

Ned holds a deep-rooted dislike of Evelyn’s father’s approach to journalism, and Ned, a notorious rake, pushes her to see just how far Evelyn is prepared to go to get her story.

Evelyn Prescott is intent on being a famous international journalist, yet she may have bitten off more than she can chew!

In this prequel, we meet the young journalist, Evlyn Prescott. She’s finally left home and must find a worthy story to make her mark. Yet, when she finds herself face to face with the handsome, Ned Taylor, who just so happens to own Tokyo Daily News and is her biggest rival! Oh year, did I mention his devilishly good looks and his known reputation as a rake?

While this to the series intro is a short prequel, sparks fly! This young couple is an interesting match, and I loved seeing them finally pair off after learning of Evelyn’s family business and knowing Ned owns the Tokyo Daily News, her father’s biggest rival.

I loved meeting Ned, Evelyn, and others in this exciting introduction to this historical story set in Tokyo, Japan 1896. In addition to meeting this fun couple, we also meet Evelyn’s Aunt Prissy and another important character, Natsu who is also featured in Talk of Tokyo, book 2 in this series.

I read this one easily in one sitting, loved the ‘deal’ made between these two, and seeing how things played out for them! I look forward to seeing more of their story in the future!

As a romance, I’m sure you’re wondering, how steamy is this one? Seeing as this prequel is only right around three chapters, the tension between the characters is mostly limited to flirty banter and a good dose of sensual tension. There is one instance where these thoughts do see our alluring yet untouchable Ned having a detailed and heated fantasy-dream that ends on a spicier note! It’s also suggested that their story isn’t over yet, and that more heated scenes are to come for these two, and other couples in the series!

I enjoyed getting to meet these characters and getting a taste for the setting and what’s to come in this series! The next installment features another reporter hinted about in this story, along with another character talked about but not yet introduced here. Seeing how this story leads up to that one, and knowing a bit of the background and how Ned and Evelyn fit into the plot has me excited for more of Hallman’s Tokyo Whispers series!

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