Rose from the Moon by Ilda Kunic

Rose from the Moon by Ilda Kunic
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Maybe this reality is only an illusion.

Maybe beyond the dream, life begins where we live love for real.

Rose From the Moon is a beautifully illustrated debut collection of poetry, the first part of the trilogy series, transcendent, authentic, and eclectic journey about soulful growth and development through love, the awakening of the cosmic soul, remembering who you are and who you were before, remembering yourself. The poems are going to take you on a journey beyond the three-dimensional spaces, stepping outside of that illusionary world and sailing into higher states of consciousness, a state of eternal love. The flow of this cosmic love story is divided and immersed into two chapters: You and Waiting. Each chapter presents words intertwined in poems and poems as picturesque illustrations and visionary imagination.

In this illustrative poetic style, Ilda takes readers on an adventurous journey filled with unique, colorfully dreamy imagery and raw, deep emotions , reminding us that love is eternal and immortal, the only true bliss of our souls. “Rose from the Moon” will leave readers curious and inspired to explore this mysterious world filled with love.

Love is a double-edged sword.

The metaphors in this poetry collection were lovely. Many of them included references to things found in nature like shadows and the stars to show how love can affect every aspect of someone’s life. My favorite metaphor was the one that compared falling in love to pieces of an iceberg slowly falling off as the iceberg melted. It was such a vivid description of a natural phenomenon that forever changes the landscape when it occurs.

I would have liked to see a wider variety of words used in this collection as many of them were used repeatedly. While that worked well for the poems that were using similar metaphors, it made other poems blur together in my mind because of how alike they were. With another round of editing to tighten up those lines and add more variety to them, I would have been happy to give this a much higher rating.

Romantic love is capable of bringing great joy as well as unfathomable pain to our lives. Not every relationship lasts an entire lifetime, and even the ones that do must end eventually. I appreciated seeing how much effort the author put into reminding the audience of the dual nature of love. There was often a little pain to be found in the poems extolling the feeling of falling in love as well as some beauty to be found in the poems that discussed what happens when a relationship doesn’t work out.

Rose from the Moon was filled with all of the raw tangle of emotions one can find when they fall in love with someone again or for the first time. I’d recommend it to anyone who loves romantic poetry.

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