Review: Tinsel and Takeovers

By J.T. Schultz

Keeping the family company from financial disaster is a full time job for Sage Taggart, one that leaves her social life in ruins. With a little white lie made over the Thanksgiving holidays and a trip home for Christmas on the horizon, she’ll have to come up with a boyfriend fast. But should she let her fingers do the walking and hire a male escort?

When Jesse Francis agrees to meet one of his brother’s “clients” at the airport to let her know she’ll be minus one escort for the holidays, he can’t believe his luck, or his body’s reaction to the woman known to him by reputation as the “ruthless bitch in heels.” It’s unfair and unethical, but with his company set to take over hers in only a matter of days, taking his brother’s place is the perfect opportunity to gain inside information.

Yet, amidst the tinsel, Jesse sees a soft and very sexy side of Sage, and the question becomes, who is taking over whom?

An interesting twist grabbed my attention from the start of this fun holiday tale. Jesse and Sage are perfect for each other, but wouldn’t have met outside of business if it weren’t for Jesse’s brother’s unique profession.

The tough business woman with a ball-buster reputation shows a vulnerable side that is endearing. Jesse’s journey and revelations about life and love are nice, neat and believable. Their chemistry is palpable, the dialogue good and the sex scorching. The secondary characters, although stereotypical, filled out the scenes nicely.

This is an ideal story to curl up with over the holidays.


Reveiwed by Aster

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