Review: The Christmas Kiss

The Christmas Kiss
by Mikala Ash

As a security guard, accidents can’t be tolerated, but accident-prone Gilly’s latest mishap results in her demotion: to the Dog Squad. Too bad she’s deathly afraid of dogs.

Jarrod the dog handler is instantly attracted to her, but the last thing he needs is a distraction, for he and his brother plan to steal the world’s largest opal statue, the Manushya – the mythological goddess of shape shifters.

Gilly impresses Jarrod with her courage in overcoming her fears of Satan, his vicious Doberman Pinscher. Her bravery fuels Jarrod’s hopes of her overlooking a little defect of his own and accepting him for what he is.

Gilly would never believe that she’d ever be attracted to a dog handler, but that’s not the only surprise Christmas has in store for her…

I originally chose this story because I love Christmas, I love paranormals and I love to read. So, a perfect combination for me was displayed in this book. I wasn’t sorry that I picked this one.

Gilly was an interesting heroine. Boy, did she have issues! I wasn’t sure at first how I was going to like a heroine with such blatant problems, as I’m not real fond of the wimpy-silly-woe-is-me heroine. Thankfully, Gilly was well-written and actually quite endearing. She was quite courageous in the face of her fears and phobias and grabbing onto the happiness that she sensed was possible with Jarrod. You just have to love a heroine with pluck!

Jarrod was a determined hero. He was determined to save his shiftless twin brother from himself, determined to complete the mission he’d set for himself, and determined to show Gilly that she could indeed do anything she put her mind to. Determination is fabulous. Jarrod was intense, and confident not to mention hot! Okay, I guess I’ll mention the hot part. *grin* From the moment he met Gilly, Jarrod was certain that she was special and that she would be very special to him. That was all he needed to know If only he’d met her at a more opportune time.

Right from the start I was intrigued and entertained by the ridiculous situation that Gilly finds herself in and how she is introduced to Jarrod. The story moved along at a good pace that didn’t lose me or confuse me, which happens quite a bit when you pick up a relatively short story. If there were any editing issues with this story, I certainly didn’t notice them, the story just moved along so well. This was an entertaining, relatively swift holiday read that was very enjoyable and a definite recommend.

Reviewed by Viscaria


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