Review: The Bell Curve

The Bell Curve
By Amelia June

Jason Bell Book 2 – An author finds thrills and romance in the pages of her books, along with a sexy main character to play with.

Jen’s life has been a blast since she became the author of fictional Jason Bell’s stories. She’s gleefully tortured him both on paper and in person. But when the boundless bounty hunter goes missing, Jen begins to worry. A strange summons on her computer lands Jen in Jason’s universe, a place of danger and badly written science
fiction. Oh no!

Spider Princesses, angry revolutionaries and a ship built for sex on the run–Jason Bell’s universe is not to be trifled with. Can Jen make it out in one piece? And who will suffer the consequences of an author’s presence in her own work?

Having not read Book 1, I wasn’t too sure about jumping into Book 2, but my concerns were groundless. Not only was it was easy to figure things out after the first few paragraphs, it was actually fun to immerse myself in this wacky and fast paced world full of humor, silly sci-fi and romance.

Jason is real, yet not. Until Jen gets sucked into his world and finds out he’s more than even she imagined, I chocked Jason up to be a classic Good-Time-Charlie. I figured the story would be mostly about Jen. In a way, it is.

The thoughts that whirled through my mind as they zipped through space in adventures that left my head spinning, were of pen pals. I remember hearing about people who fell in love through their written words. When finally they meet, they marry and stay that way for fifty years.

Even though Jen wrote Jason to life, there’s the element of the creator falling in love with their creation – very Greek Myth, very classic. Like Greek myths, things don’t always end quite the way you’d expect and Amelia June threw me a curve ball. No wait… a curve BELL, lol.

The HEA wasn’t what I expected, neither was it clear cut, but if the purpose was to explore Jason a bit better in the NEXT book, then I’m all for it. Because the written Jason Bell had unexpected depths, couldn’t the real Jason have them too?
Ah! Did I say “real” Jason?

This sci-fi romp was a quick read for a snowy house-bound day. It left me smiling and liking Jen and Jason. Their sex antics were hot and super fast – kind of hard to bask in the afterglow when you keep getting interrupted. *VBG*

If you are looking for a spicy light, fluffy read with the zing of adventure, then this story is for you.


Reviewed by Xeranth

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