Review: The Awakening

The Awakening
by Rynne Raines

Torn between fantasy and reality, Natalie Kendrick wakes each morning on fire, haunted by passionate dreams of Alexander, the nineteenth century gentleman she believes saved her life fifteen years ago. But when living outside the erotic dream world they share becomes unbearable, she seeks the help of a dream analyst. The solution seems simple: dream suppressants. But can Natalie bring herself to forever shut out the only man she has ever loved–from her head, her life and her heart?

The Awakening offers a crisp, refreshing read with a dusting of paranormal. As a reader, I was quickly engaged in Natalie’s internal struggle. She’s a believable character who tackles her dilemma, handsome Alexander, with a straight forward approach. The steam and sensuality unravel at a perfect pace throughout Natalie’s experience with the evasive rogue. Miss Raines captured my imagination and kept me guessing until the end. Well done!


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