Review: Take Me Again, Sam

TAKE ME AGAIN, SAM [Destination Pleasure 5]
By Megan Kerans

Belly dancer Dove Rickland travels to Casablanca to improve her dancing. But she never expects to receive hands-on lessons from sexy restaurant owner Samir Macias, or that they’d be so pleasurable.

I really enjoyed Dove and Sam’s verbal foreplay in the beginning. Sam’s combination of control and impulsiveness was really well-done and added to the steaminess of the scene.

The dance instruction-turned-foreplay was so incredible erotic. I could practically hear the escalating beat of the drums as the scene progressed. The lounge chair scene – especially the first part – was an exceptionally creative and erotic moment by the author. Totally hot.

The story was seamless, and the sex hot, hot, hot. I thought the ending would creep up on me in such a short story, but it all fit really well and left me very satisfied because Sam’s feelings at the end were communicated so well.

This story is not about a deep relationship, but it is about a connection that could lead to something more. Coupled with the outstanding sex, it’s a fabulous little romp in a far off land.

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Reviewed by Aster

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