Review: Taboo – Taking the Job

Taboo – Taking the Job
By Cheyenne McCray

Software design consultant Elsie Meyers schedules an interview for a position at Bennett Consulting — but a rainstorm, a spilled purse and a chance encounter with a steaming hunk she met under very compromising circumstances a few months ago change that interview into an outright erotic fantasy.

From the moment John Bennett spots Elsie and remembers where he first met her, he knows she would make a perfect submissive. When she drops her briefcase and a flogger tumbles out, the interview takes a whole different turn, into taboo territory.

The beautiful redhead is in between Doms and John is in between subs. In a sensual encounter John finds himself offering Elsie a different position, then discovers he’d like to make that position permanent — and convince Elsie to take it.

I really liked this novella, how it started out really hot and fast, then deepened as the story developed. I’ll be very clear – this book has BDSM elements to it, but they are represented as an alternate sexual experience that heightens pleasure, not a freaky fetishy lifestyle that inflicts pain.

There is a very intense sexual scene with multiple partners, but all are focused on the woman’s pleasure, and it was hot.

John seems to be motivated by pleasure. Then he moves to possessiveness. These feelings grow, and I believed the progression. Elsie is a vibrant woman who wants to be dominated in the bedroom. She could have been a bit more developed emotionally for my taste. The bulk of the couple’s emotional connection happens “off screen,” so to speak, but that didn’t bother me.

This story is ultimately a story about very hot sexual encounters, with a nice, neat, believable love story along for the ride.

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