Review: Fire And Ice

By Lacey Savage

The ice man cometh …

Elle Sutcliffe will do anything to stay far away from happy couples making out under sprigs of mistletoe. So when her best friend asks for a favor on Christmas Eve, she quickly agrees. After all, she only has to watch an ice cream store for a couple of hours.

Or so she thinks, until she learns there’s more than frozen yogurt in the walk-in freezer. When she sneaks inside to investigate, she finds a six-foot ice sculpture of a naked man, carved to mouthwatering perfection.

If only Elle’s body temperature didn’t run hot enough to melt ice from two feet away, she might be able to put all that hard masculine beauty to some real use.

Then again, one brief touch couldn’t hurt… could it?

I always love it when such a short, sexy story is such a complete one. Lacey Savage manages to fit wonderfully written characters, a nice holiday story and – literally – steaming sex into the pages of this quick holiday delight. Great conversations, descriptions and motivations make this everything I love about a short story. A sexy hero who sizzles make this everything that is great about erotic romance.

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Reviewed by: Aster

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