Review: An Afternoon Tryst

By: Modeska Rose

Marissa is struggling in her five-year marriage. Her husband, Norm, seems distant, and the intimacy they shared is almost nonexistent. To recharge the marriage, they decide to play a game.

When she meets “Cole” in the local grocery store, the encounter leads to an afternoon affair, in which he fulfills her every fantasy, including hot, steamy sex and a rose-petaled bubble bath.

Marissa craves the closeness she once shared with Norm, but Cole treats her like a rare and precious jewel—giving her everything in the marriage Norm doesn’t. While she struggles to get through each day, anticipating her next tryst with Cole, Norm pulls further away and Marissa is forced to choose.

Will she cling to Cole for the excitement he offers, or is Marissa’s love for Norm strong enough to recapture the intimacy she longs for in her “normal” marriage? Or can she have both?

I initially didn’t want to read this story because I find the subject matter of an affair to be offensive. Therefore, I was surprised at how easily the author had me indulging in this exciting and forbidden relationship.

This sexy and naughty little secret come-to-life was about passion and desperation, longing and a feverish intensity that drew me in. The vulnerability in both Norm and Marissa is tangible, and I found myself routing for them, in spite of the incredible heat between Cole and Marissa.

Clandestine meetings turn into more than they were intended to be, and Marissa has to choose what it is she really wants. This was the most meaningful and important part of the book, for me. It was written wonderfully and done with respect – and most importantly, love.

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Reviewed by Aster

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