Review: All She Needs [Legacy of the Celtic Brooch Book 8]

All She Needs [Legacy of the Celtic Brooch Book 8]
By Crystal Jordan

If ever Jen Campbell needed a magic charm, today is the day. Lucky for her, fate lands exactly what she needs on her door step. When her best friends, Emma and Paul, ask her to be their son’s godmother, she’s happy to agree. Until she finds Paul’s brother is the godfather. Kevin Miller, the only man she’s ever loved, and the only man she can never have. Their brief relationship ended in disaster, but one look is enough to convince Jen she’ll never be over him. Can she resist the Kevin who says he’s confronted the demons in his past and is determined to pick up where they left off–right in the middle of a hallway during a huge party, guests be damned? More importantly, can she trust that a man as stubborn as Kevin can truly
change and be all that she needs?

Heartfelt and meaningful, Crystal Jordan has created a story filled with love and longing. The sense of desperation within the desire to be loved instead of just wanted is so real. I absolutely loved it.

This story is told solely from Jen’s point of view, and it is better for it. With warm, real characters and relationships, this short story has a depth that belies its length. The emotion and sexual tension between Kevin and Jen build like a crescendo, creating a compelling story.

There were two very evident editing mistakes that should have made me rate this book lower, based on our site’s ratings level descriptions. With them I certainly should have rated it lower. The typos are not so distracting, however, that they lessen the wonderful nature of this story, but I thought it was important to mention them.

This installment of the Legacy of the Celtic Brooch has certainly made me want to read more of them. The author combines love, desire and sex on an emotional journey. Even though the sex was incredibly hot, the author managed to effortlessly make it about the love at the core of their relationship. This is a book I recommend highly to all lovers of true romance that don’t mind if it happens to really sizzle.

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