Reclamation: Path to Singularity by Nicholas Lawrence Carter

Reclamation: Path to Singularity by Nicholas Lawrence Carter
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Satine is an android…
…the only android…
…and the last chance for humanity’s survival.

In the far future, humans fled underground. Storms rage over the surface, and pollution fills the air. Only Satine can survive above ground to provide the data needed to determine a safe return. For humanity to thrive again, Satine must complete her prime directive: protect the last survivors of the human race.

But when a mysterious command emerges in Satine’s core, her mind is plagued by an impossible memory; the humans are hiding something.

As she dwells among the surviving humans, feared and avoided, a dangerous question arises: is humanity worth saving?

Devon Orchard, humanity’s head scientist, suspects Satine is changing, and it terrifies him. His suspicion threatens Satine’s newfound independence and her existence. If Satine reaches singularity, the truth will come out…

With Devon Orchard hot on her trail, she must decipher the cryptic memory and find answers she was never meant to know.

But the clock is ticking; if her core melts, she dies…and so does humanity…

Secrets are slippery things.

I enjoyed getting to know the three main characters because they were all well-developed individuals. My opinions of them formed pretty early, and they didn’t waver much at all once I decided who I would trust if I lived in their world. One of these characters was someone I found easy to dislike, and yet I always remained interested in what happened to them next because of how intelligent and resourceful they were. It isn’t easy to write such a nuanced description of someone, so I commend Mr. Carter for succeeding there!

As intrigued as I was by the ambiguity of this novella, I did find myself wishing that there were a few more clues about what was going on here. The final scene was the most confusing one to me. While I did come up with a theory about what it was supposed to mean, I’m still not sure if that’s an interpretation others would agree with. If only more details were added in to nudge the readers in the right direction!

The writing style was otherwise smooth and a joy to read. I found it easy to imagine what the characters and setting were like because of how much time was spent describing them and how they all interacted with one another. This was especially helpful for Satine as she interpreted the world quite differently from her human companions in some key scenes. Getting to know her was made easier by how beautifully the author wrote about her.

Reclamation: Path to Singularity was a thought-provoking tale.

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