Raining Cats and Dogs by Marie Krepps, Gideon Kane, David Quesenberry, Garrison Kelly, Larry D. Fort, and Lenore Hart

Raining Cats and Dogs by Marie Krepps, Gideon Kane, David Quesenberry, Garrison Kelly, Larry D. Fort, and Lenore Hart
Publisher: Hollow Hills LLC
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Historical
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Raining Cats and Dogs is a collection of fantasy short stories and poetry that feature an animal as a main character. Stories may be dark and full of strife but a happy ending is always in sight! Lovers of pets or animals in general will enjoy these fantasy tales.

All proceeds for this anthology will benefit Good Old Tails Senior Animal Rescue based in Hanover, PA, USA. This non-profit helps save the lives of older pets by finding them homes.

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“The Matchmaker” showed what happened after Tima rescued an abandoned dog and named him Biscuit and shared the little she owned with him. I adored this story from the first sentence. While Tima and Biscuit clearly both had their share of secrets, the deep emotional bond that soon developed between them was a beautiful sight to behold. It also played an important role in the plot twists to follow as some of the secrets the audience were teased with in the beginning began to be revealed. I had a wonderful time discovering who Tima really was and why Biscuit’s opinions about the humans he did and didn’t like were so important.

There were some tales in this anthology that I would have liked to see fleshed out some more. ‘The Beauty and the Spider,” a poem about an elf and a spider who went on a hunting trip together, was one of them. It was never clear to me if the spider was her pet or why she decided to take it along with her. As amused as I was by the mental image it provided and the inclusion of a creature that isn’t generally listed alongside cats and dogs as companion species, it sure would have been helpful to have more stanzas explaining their relationship and how spiders and elves are expected to behave in this universe.

I’ve always enjoyed the thought of a Rainbow Bridge where deceased pets wait to reunite with their beloved humans after death, so the expansion of this legend in “Magical Men” grabbed my attention immediately. A woman named Jennifer looked after some of the pets there while trying to figure out why the humans they were so patiently waiting for had never shown up. I was fascinated by what she found and how various solutions to this problem were tried out. This could have easily been stretched out into a full-length novel, and yet I learned everything I needed to from its actual size.

If you’re an animal lover, Raining Cats and Dogs might be right up your alley.

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