Publish or Perish by Kerry Blaisdell

Publish or Perish by Kerry Blaisdell
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Suspense/Mystery/Thriller
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Alstroemeria


When computer whiz Emma O’Manny’s scientist husband dumps her on Valentine’s Day, vandalizing his office seems like a justifiable—if petty—response. But then Dan’s small plane crashes under mysterious circumstances, and Emma’s suddenly the prime suspect in a double homicide. Worse, Dan may have faked important vaccine safety research, to further his career—and the digital trail leads to Emma. Can she determine which data is correct, to prove her innocence? Or will Dan keep controlling her life, even from the grave?


Detective Vin Bronislovas came to Portland to rebuild his reputation, after nearly blowing a years-long investigation by believing the lies of a mobster’s daughter. A single misstep—like falling for another suspect—would destroy his career and ruin his life. But when the killer strikes again, and Emma and her children are threatened, Vin must choose between the Job and love. Can he trust his gut? Or will repeating his past mistakes allow a murderer to go free, and potentially put millions of children at risk from an unsafe vaccine?
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Vin and Emma are two people who are not ready to be hurt again. But when they meet at the exact moment they have decided to start doing everything right, it seems as if their plans of absolute caution are about to be thrown to the wind. If you like your mysteries to keep you guessing, Publish or Perish will keep you on your toes until the very last second!

Both unlucky in love and perhaps in business, Vin and Emma are desperately trying to find a new normal after their very disruptive love lives have put them through hell and back, but the connection between them is undeniably strong. Besides having two wickedly smart and funny main characters, Kerry Blaisdell has crafted an entire cast of characters who have lived long, and somewhat difficult lives that just make the prospect of love all the more enticing and the storyline all the more delicately woven.

Packed with action and romance, Publish or Perish had more twists than and M. Night Shyamalan film! The well rounded characters each hold a purpose within the ever turning plot, making it nearly impossible to guess every aspect of this intricately written case. Luckily for us as the readers, this book is impeccably edited, hindering nothing in the process of this story being told, thus leaving only the question: who done it?

While we may not know until the very end who could be behind all of the crime in this book, we certainly know who done it when it comes to passionate encounters, not having to read between the lines for the intensely sexy among these sometimes dire circumstances. Not a single person in the narrative or out will be left unsatisfied by reading Blaisdell’s work.

All of the characters have a natural rapport that is at times both humorous and heartwarming. We know when reading that at least someone has to be the villain, but it was easy to enjoy the relationships that each character’s presence created. This rapport did a lot for the growth and understanding of each character, which enhanced the read by the nth degree.

Publish or Perish by Kerry Blaisdell will fulfill the desire of an exciting romance, a startling mystery, and a heartwarming novel of family all in one go. Impossible to put down, and an absolute thrill to read. I can’t wait to get my hands on more of her work!

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