Our Omega by JJ Black

Our Omega by JJ Black
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (145 pages)
Other: M/M, Ménage, Anal Play, Spanking, M/M/M
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lisianthus

Sometimes two just isn’t enough.

Noah Steele is a broken man. Though born a strong, confident Alpha, the torture and betrayal he experienced by order of his own father have left him a shell of the man he once was. Still gripped by the fear left in the wake of his trauma, he no longer trusts his instincts or his ability to lead. Shamed, he hides himself away, even from the mate he longs to claim as his own.

Dax Marshall needs some downtime. Between protecting the Pack in his role as Beta and leading teams to search for more of Alpha Steele’s facilities, his responsibilities are starting to overwhelm him. If only he could find the one person destined to soothe both himself and his wolf.

Between dominant wolves, power struggles are always an issue. Time and patience will be needed to make their mating work. Unfortunately, time is in short supply. New information has Dax, Noah and a team following a lead to a breeding facility—and much more. Among the prisoners, they find an abused young man who calls to them both in a way that neither of them understands.

While they scramble to adjust to fate’s curveball, more information comes to light showing just how far Alpha Steele is willing to go in his quest to rule the Packs. Will their new happiness withstand the madman’s plans or be destroyed by the malevolence of his ambition?

Our Omega is a great continuation of a series that has an interesting world, and I was happy to dive back in. It starts right after events in, Accepting the Alpha, and while it does have the elements that could make it a stand-alone, I recommend it being read in order.

Noah Steele has been through hell. He knows who his mate is but he’s been avoiding him to save the man from a broken mate. I think Noah’s trauma makes this seem reasonable to him, especially since he’s an Alpha wolf, used to being strong and the protector of his pack, but now that he’s healing and feels weak, and he doesn’t see himself as worthy.

Dax Marshall is a beta, a protector of the pack, and when he figures out for sure that Noah is his mate, he goes for it. I really liked Dax, he goes for what he wants and doesn’t let anyone stop him, not even his mate.

Then comes Landon, mate to both Dax and Noah, and takes them completely by surprise. I enjoyed watching them scramble to cope with finding the third man, who is destined to be theirs. I really enjoyed the way the author worked his introduction in and allows Noah and Dax to both have someone who needs them so strongly.

The author sets up the next book and I look forward to reading the next story in the series. I really enjoy this author’s world that is developing more with each book. I definitely recommend this one to fans of MM romance and sexy shifters that get a bit growly.

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