Once Upon a Kiss by Selena Robins

Once Upon a Kiss by Selena Robins
Publisher: Self- Published
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

A survivor. A corporate shark. And a case of mistaken identity to warm the heart.

Hell on a stick. Is thirty-three too young to lose your mind? Sabrina Monroe is a survivor, but this epic streak of bad luck has worn her thin. Lately, she swears she’s seeing and hearing things.

With everything on her plate, she doesn’t have time to riddle out these oddball, mystical happenings. Corporate vultures are circling Maple Manor, the inn that’s been in her family for generations. And her new handyman looks like he’s better suited for the cover of GQ than Popular Mechanics.

Jason O’Neil can barely tell a Phillips from a flathead, but when Maple Manor’s stubbornly sale-resistant owner mistakes him for the new Mr. Fixit, he doesn’t hesitate to trade his Guccis for work boots. It’s the perfect chance to bag the lush mountain property for his company’s next five-star golf course. What could possibly go wrong?

He quickly discovers that not only is Sabrina no pushover, but he’s also enjoying the push and pull between them way more than he should. And when a new threat emerges, Jason finds himself risking everything to follow his heart—and convince Sabrina he’s her ally.

This was a captivating romance from beginning to end with all the ingredients necessary to be produced into a movie. I finished reading at one AM and should have been exhausted but I’m wide awake, filled with the desire to continue reading except Sabrina and Jason’s love story already has reached their HEA. I’m still on cloud nine so it’s the perfect time to write a review, reliving what I enjoyed most about this novel.

The heroine, Sabrina, is an exceptionally strong character considering all that she has endured in her lifetime. She has tried hard not to let her past define her future. Her wit and sense of humor made her an endearing leading character to me.

The hero, Jason, is as charming as could be. He has the looks, the career and the qualities of a gentleman that made me swoon just imagining being in the same room as him. Jason has his own baggage of issues to contend with before he could open up his heart to love.

Together, Jason and Sabrina’s journey to love made me experience a mix of feelings ranging from sad to laughing out loud, to feeling all gushy inside. It was the perfect combination resulting in a book glow. The author did a wonderful job creating relatable characters that came to life on the page for the reader to resonate with.

A few characters were purposefully undesirable which enhanced the plot throughout the story by creating a tense atmosphere causing me to be concerned for the hero and heroine. I enjoyed that bit of drama. This story sure did have some unpredictable twists that gave me a few surprises. I appreciated how the author took her time to tie up all loose ends in the story, leaving me with a satisfied smile on my face.

I was fond of the location where this story took place since I have been to Vermont on many occasions. I enjoyed reading the detailed scene descriptions written throughout the story. It made me feel more connected to the story.

Once upon a Kiss has the magical touch I look for in a book that leaves me wanting to read it again. I fully encourage others to read this heartwarming story.


  1. Thank you for your kind words and well-written and well-thought-out review of my novel, ONCE UPON A KISS.

    As a writer, receiving feedback from readers and reviewers like yourself is a privilege, and I’m humbled with gratitude. Your review not only boosted my confidence as an author but also validated the countless hours and dedication I poured into writing this story.

    Knowing that my novel resonated with you and captured your imagination brings is immensely satisfying.

    I wish you all the best, and I hope our paths cross again in our shared love of reading.

  2. Mistflower says

    You are most welcome and I meant every word. It was a wonderful story.

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