Ollie’s Haffiness by Riya Aarini

Ollie’s Haffiness by Riya Aarini
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Childrens
Length: Short story (36 pages)
Age Recommendation: 6+
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

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When Ollie’s second tooth falls out the tooth fairy brings him a wonderful surprise – a pet chameleon. Ollie loves Haffiness – his pet – but one morning he forgot to close the door to Haffiness’ tank. Can Ollie find his pet Haffiness?

This is a fun and very sweet children’s story. The illustrations were brightly colourful and I enjoyed how they were consistent and really showed clearly the story graphically so smaller children should easily be able to follow along as the adult reads the words. I also liked how the story itself was written simply but still conveyed multiple items in a sentence. I feel this is a story that children will relate to and enjoy and can be a good tool for adults/parents to teach kids why it’s important that they take care of their possessions.

I feel the age range for this story is about right – kindergarten and prep for children to be read the story by adults and Grade 1 and Grade 2 level the children should be able to read it themselves, but I feel the strongest part is the lesson parents can explain to the children about how why taking responsibility and care of possessions and pets is important. I feel this story is strong because it’s clear and simple but has a critical lesson underpinning it.

Brightly colourful and with a simple but important message this is a great story and one I enjoyed.

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