Narco-Submarine Cartel’s Silent Service by Charles R Darner, Jr.

Narco-Submarine Cartel’s Silent Service by Charles R Darner, Jr.
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

Jarratt Summer is busily working and planning for his upcoming wedding to Sarah. An unexpected phone call propels him into the world of narcotics smuggling. Jarrett is asked to find a specific type of boat for a new and different type of smuggling operation into the US. Unknown to Jarratt, not only does the Tamaulipas Cartel have grand plans, but the cartel’s new smuggling partner has plans of their own for the US population. Weaponized narcotics are being transported into the US. An outbreak is sure to be deadly, but it is a race against time to locate and stop these tainted narcotics from reaching the US.

Recently, I just wasn’t feeling the desire to read. Narco-Submarine, Cartel’s Silent Service was just the book I needed to get back into the groove. It only took the first few pages for the plot to grip my attention. Once I started reading this well-written book, I was unable to put it down. viagra ordination A relationship cannot be happy, if it lacks the sexual pleasure. Erectile dysfunction or ED is a physical change and not a disease as most men consider it to be a cheaper and more effective alternative to Full Report cialis prices, cialis. But by battling and overcoming the core symptoms we can experience complete relief from ED and its effects. generic viagra SafeWay Driving Centers offer state approved curriculum for teens and make sure that learners enjoy their driver education course is certifiable and sanctioned by the authorities. ordine cialis on line
This novel was an across-the-board entertaining read. The plot consisted of a steady pace that took this reader on an adventure that left me riveted to my seat until the end. There were two specific scenes where I expected a dramatic plot twist yet there wasn’t one. That in itself was a startling turn of events and it made the story unpredictable. At one point I was expecting the worst case scenario and my stress was high. You have no idea of the vast wave of relief I felt when it didn’t occur. Since reviews are a matter of opinion, someone else might be disappointed with that writing style but I wasn’t. I experienced plenty of anxiety provoking plot lines throughout the story to make up for it.

This book is actually Charles R Darner, Jr.’s second book. The main characters are the same in both books, however, each can be read as a standalone. I was pleased with the addition of the new cast members. The author provided just enough character development to keep the story going without me getting lost or confused.

My husband often says to get my head out of my books, that they aren’t real. I know they are make-believe but sometimes I have to wonder, how real could it be? How many times has fiction turned into fact? I have a new perspective when I see a Coast Guard helicopter fly over the beach.

I enjoyed reading Narco-Submarine, Cartel’s Silent Service and look forward to the next installment in this series. I’m interested in finding out how Sarah and Jarratt met. I recommend this book to other readers that like action/adventure. It sure kept me turning the pages.

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