Nana by Brandon Massey

Nana by Brandon Massey
Publisher: Dark Corner Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (291 pgs)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

Monica Stephens never knew her birth mother. Raised by a strict but loving adoptive parent, she blossomed into a woman with a thriving career as a pediatrician and a family of her own. But sometimes, she wondered about her origins. Especially her biological mother.

Until Grace arrives.

Confessing to be the birth mother Monica had long wanted to meet, Grace quickly becomes an indispensable member of the Stephens household. Cooking their meals. Looking after the children. Comforting Monica when the family dog is inexplicably killed. Tending to Monica as she falls ill to a mysterious sickness that, every day, makes Monica look and feel older.

Meanwhile, Grace is looking better. More vibrant. More youthful. More seductive . . .
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Monica’s husband, Troy, knows something is up. He launches an investigation into the woman who demands to be called “Nana,” and has taken over his home.

But the truth is beyond their wildest imaginings.

It seems Grace has done this before . . .

What happens when the desire for a mother’s love ruins a loving family? What if that mother is incapable of bonding and loving and only around for self gratification?

Monica was raised by Lily Worthy, a 75 year old widowed foster grandmother. A healthy Lily has an accident that caused her death. While mourning Lily’s death Monica’s biological mother shows up at the funeral. I don’t doubt that Monica wanted to bond and spend time with her mother, but Monica’s quick open invitation to stay with her and her family to a stranger was a little too trusting for me. Though Grace’s presence brings about delicious home-cooked meals strange things start to happen in the Stephen’s household.

Grace isn’t one to like but readers may love to hate her. She’s a strong spirit that’s not shy and gives off a memorable presence. She has a way with people that’s persuasive but it’s also scary. Monica obviously didn’t take any of her mother’s dominate characteristics or she’s a sucker for her mother’s love. I was hoping Monica would catch on and see what was going on. Monica was my less favorite character because she was so trusting, insecure and naive. Troy, Monica’s husband, is someone I wanted to not like because of his personal attack on his marriage but in the end my view of him changed for the better.

I enjoyed the storyline because it’s something new I haven’t read before. The author did a good job in giving the story what it needed to be well rounded. A daughter without the love of her mother would be open and accepting to have her absence mother present in her life. I would like for the author to have given more of Grace’s story and how she became who she is. I read the story pretty quickly because the plot is very interesting and I couldn’t wait to see how the story played out. The author’s talent for writing paranormal I’m surprised his name isn’t listed with other popular paranormal authors. His knack for creating such a storyline full of characters and a paranormal situations that is fully developed, easy to follow and leaves reader wanting more.

Any book by this author would be highly recommend for those that enjoy paranormal.

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