Morgan Kane Without Mercy by Louis Masterson

Morgan Kane Without Mercy by Louis Masterson
Publisher: WR Books
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short Story (141 pgs)
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Stephantois

Morgan Kane: Texas Ranger, unmatched gunslinger, cool poker hand, and hot-blooded lover of women. At the tender age of 16, he avenged the murders of his parents. Ever since, he’s lived by one code: kill or be killed.

Kane is unpredictable, impulsive, and reckless, but Major Monroe of the Rangers puts up with his drinking, his violence, and his erratic work ethic – because his skills as a gunman outweigh his vices.

Without Mercy begins with a poker game. Kane is a born gambler: he can’t resist a big pot. Con men lure him into a trap, using a ravishing seductress, Allison MacKay, as the bait. Her beauty proves too tempting. Kane falls into her clutches.

He’s shot, thrown from a train, and left for dead. Big mistake. As Kane himself said, “When you shoot a man, you better make sure he’s dead.”

A star-shaped scar will forever mark his right hand, a scar to match the Ranger’s star he carries. But that’s Kane’s gun hand. The gun hand of a Ranger is the difference between life and death–are you faster than the man shooting at you?

The stakes are high this time.

Kane is gambling with his life.

Can he survive?

Morgan Kane Without Mercy is a fun read and pure escapism from the daily grind. I really enjoyed the character of Morgan Kane. He’s tough and smart and you feel yourself cheering for his survival when he’s shot and thrown from a moving train.

I did have one issue with the book, and  I’m not sure if this was a problem with the Norwegian to English translation, but the story jumped from head to head in lots of places and didn’t flow smoothly in others. While it’s jarring, I wouldn’t let it put you off reading this story.  It’s an entertaining read because you get a little piece of history thrown into every chapter about how tough life once was for everyone, and just surviving another day was a great achievement.

The other characters were fun to read about too. Like all good westerns, you have the good guys versus the bad ones and you find yourself reading on to see if justice prevails.

It looks like there will be more of the Morgan Kane novels and I’ll definitely be reading them. And if you haven’t read a western for some time or want to give this genre a try, this would be a good pick.

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