Model Christmas by Jaime Samms

Model Christmas by Jaime Samms
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Short Story (40 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy (M/M Interaction)
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Sebastian’s ideal Christmas looks nothing like his picture-perfect childhood experiences, but neither should it be spent wandering the cold streets alone and homeless.

Cody has no time for the holidays if he wants to eat. He needs a new model for his next commission–and he needs him now.

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They never expected more than a means to an end, but now, that perfect Christmas might be as simple as seeing what’s right in front of them.

If there’s one thing worse than going through hard times, it’s experiencing them alone and at Christmas.

The descriptions of what it’s like to live in Vancouver were spot on, and I’m saying that as someone who once lived there! It was a lovely treat to get a taste of the culture of that city and province again, especially since this wasn’t something I was expecting to find at all. I appreciated the fact that the author seemed to know that area so well and that she wrote from the perspective of a character who was an ordinary person who was struggling to afford even basic things like food.

There were a few things about how Sebastian and Cody met that I wish had been explained better. For example, they both seemed to develop trust in each other very quickly despite having past experiences that should have made them way more cautious. I loved these two characters together, but I did find it a little confusing to see how quickly they moved from strangers to confidants. Having a better explanation for that would have persuaded me to go for a full five-star rating.

With that being said, the chemistry between Cody and Sebastian couldn’t have been written better. I adored them as individuals and as a couple. They seemed to be perfect for each other from their similar senses of humour to their uncanny abilities to find a way out of even the toughest situations. I couldn’t wait to see if they’d actually end up together for good.

Model Christmas is a must-read for anyone who is in the mood for some holiday romance this winter.

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