Missouri Loves Company by W.J. Costello

Missouri Loves Company by W.J. Costello
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Action/Adventure, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Former U.S. marshal Rip Lane lives in a motor home. He is a drifter. His only desire is to explore the country he once protected. But trouble seems to find him in every small town and every big city along the way. In Missouri he picks up a beautiful hitchhiker with a duffel full of secrets. When the woman disappears at a bus station Rip finds himself the target of mobsters. But targeting Rip is always a mistake. Because he never backs down. And he always exacts his own brand of revenge.

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This is a fun and interesting story that I picked up on a whim. With a terse and very different style of writing I nevertheless found myself almost instantly hooked on the style and engrossed in Rip’s life. In many ways the writing of this story reminds me a little of Robert Parker’s Spenser series – short sentences, a gritty and dry style of writing and wit, but loads of character and action. The pace of the plot and action moves quite quickly, but I was really happy the author still managed to dole out enough backstory on Rip for me to understand the motive and history behind his actions and choices.

While I’d classify this story as a mystery it’s not really a traditional “who done it”. There’s no murder mystery but instead a series of events that occur and Rip wants answers and to solve why his life collided with the consequences and then see justice served. Different and addictive I found the style and characters engrossing and read this book quickly. While there is a little bit of hotness (off screen and not descriptive) this absolutely isn’t a romance story and readers looking for that probably won’t find themselves very satisfied.

Witty, dry and sparsely written this is a good story and a decent mystery. I enjoyed Rip’s character and am intrigued enough to look into the second book in the series.

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