Marriage by Blackmail by Lexi February

Marriage by Blackmail by Lexi February
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

Lizzie is working hard on making her dream come true: her patisserie becoming a complete success. Dealing with meddling sisters, excessive parents and an unreliable friend and employee, she is not ready at all to meet Alex.

Alexander has spent years working tirelessly to keep alive his mother’s legacy and has never even thought of settling down. This all changes when he sees Lizzie.

On the deciding last day of the year, it only takes a glance for Alex to know she’s his and only a few words and a dance for Lizzie to feel in her heart that he is the one. When she runs off after a scorching New Year’s kiss, he doesn’t give up that easily and is willing to do anything to get her back in his arms.
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Alex’s money can buy all the baked goods in the world, but since it can’t buy Lizzie’s love, he will have to settle for the closest thing: the patisserie. Blackmail may not the smartest idea, but it just may get them hitched.

This story is pure escapism and every woman’s fantasy. It’s a complete “McDreamy” and “McSteamy” all in one. The author’s biography states that “she likes to write feel-good, amusing romances that, after many surprising twists, always end in a Happily Ever After”. I say that Lexi February accomplished all that and more. Okay, yes it’s probably a tad unrealistic, but I’m a romantic at heart and full of optimism. I choose to believe that I could meet someone like Alex.

Ah, Alex. He is the man of my dreams. He’s better than the bath slogan “Calgon take me away”. I’d go where ever Alex wanted to take me. Alex is rich, handsome and knows what he wants and will do anything to get what he wants. He just happens to want Lizzie.

As for Lizzie, she’s a hot mess totally in need of meeting a man like Alex. I was cheering them on as I turned the pages as fast as I could. I remember thinking “Oh my goodness” while my toes curled, and with a goofy smile on my face. They had great chemistry.

There was a character that the synopsis mentions as an “unreliable friend and employee.” This character could have been more developed. It was a plot thread that had options that were missed. There were a few editing hiccups such as misspelled words, but I can read backwards and upside down if I have to so that didn’t bother me. Alex almost made me forget my name so I’m surprised I even noticed something such as spelling errors.

Honestly, this was an enjoyable romance story. Sincerely, I would read another romance by Lexi February. I prefer to read books that give me that feel-good feeling and she hit all my happy spots, especially with the epilogue. Well done. It’ll be easy to suggest this book to my friends who are looking for a lighthearted, take-me-away-from-this-world, story.

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