Lights of Love by Morgan Malone

Lights of Love by Morgan Malone
A Dickens Holiday Romance (Book 14)
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Romance, Holiday, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Saul Rosen has quite a reputation in Dickens. He has only recently become a full-time resident after decades of drifting into town for a skiing vacation, some summer cultural event, or to celebrate the Jewish Holidays at Congregation Etz Chaim. Saul is known as a supporter of local businesses, due largely to the years-long restoration of his vast country property. His frequent travels abroad have given him the world-weary air of international intrigue. His silver hair and bright blue eyes cause hearts to flutter. And he’s a bachelor.

Yehudit Eberhardt is also a recent full-time resident of Dickens. Mystery surrounds her, too. After decades living in New York City and Boston, her voice still carries the slightest trace of Europe. Her quiet elegance graces the halls and sanctuary of Etz Chaim, her laugh echoes in Morty’s Deli and her serene smile greets all she meets throughout the friendly town. Living high above the lights of Dickens in her exclusive condominium, Judy—as she is known to friends—seems to have a perfect life. But, as a recent widow, she lives alone, except for her beloved daughter’s frequent visits from Chicago.

Winter has come to Dickens and its famous Christmas spirit is on full display. Judy and Saul are thrown together as the Jewish community of Dickens prepares for Hanukkah. Judy is certain the spark she feels whenever she is near Saul is due to the static electricity of winter woolens. But Saul recognizes the currents of attraction and is drawn to her. Will these two solitary souls be able to ignore the shared losses that draw them together or will the gentle candles of the Hanukkah menorah light the love in their hearts?

A second chance at a forever love.

I love stories with older characters. Love doesn’t just happen for the under thirty crowd. This book was a great example of love after fifty and I loved it. I also loved that this story features Jewish characters and welcomed me into a world I wasn’t expecting. I didn’t know what rites took place during Hanukkah and this book let me in on those. The writing is fantastic and I felt like I was right there with the characters. I got emotionally involved with them, too. I wanted more from this story because I wasn’t ready to let Judy and Saul go. I love the sense of family in the story, too.

This book features love, loss and moving forward. It’s a delightful holiday read and features a cute romance with older characters. I recommend this for your holiday reading list. It’s fresh, it’s fun and it’s super cozy.

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