Instinct by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Instinct by Lizzie Lynn Lee
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (57 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Verbena

In the Aeon Empire, the bloodline rules everything…

Radek Nikolaev, alpha of the packs, whose ancestors were conquered by the vampyres, vows that enslavement of his kin doesn’t come without payback. As retribution, he wants to plunder the Aeon King’s most prized possession, his only daughter and heir, Vita, as he leads his pack out from Aeon.

Vita Petrienko has always harboured deep feelings for the outcast wolf prince. When Radek kidnaps her, Vita is more than a willing participant. She has always wanted a taste of the forbidden.

But neither of them anticipate the uncontrollable fire between them once their passion is unleashed. Primal instinct draws them to each other’s arms. When they are torn apart, will their instinct reunite the two star-crossed lovers back together?

His plans weren’t going as expected. His prisoner should be crying with fear, begging for mercy, and pleading for her life. Instead, she perched on the bed as though her predicament wasn’t dire. Her people, vampyres, hated his kind. By all rights, as a lycan, he should despise her. But try as he might, he just couldn’t bring himself to feel the anger and need for revenge that set him upon his present course. The ideas of ravishment and plunder flew right out the window when he looked upon her innocence and beauty and felt something more than vengeance come to life.

Maybe he’d forgotten, but Vita had not. Despite the rivalry between their species, she’d loved Radek since childhood. Circumstances had torn the young lovers apart, but his absence had only strengthened her affection. He’d made her a promise and she’d waited years in eager anticipation of him fulfilling it. She didn’t care if Lycans were considered slaves among her kind; to her, Radek’s beast was beautiful, fascinating, and rugged. She’d dreamed of the day he’d come for her, and finally that time was now. Despite his ulterior motives and his reservations, she intended to remind him of the feelings they once shared as children, and hoped he’d now act upon them as a man.

Radek was at a loss. This was not how he’d planned things out. She was his pawn for safe passage out of Vampyre territory, nothing more. Though his brain kept telling him to refuse her advances and deny the desire growing within him, the beast inside demanded he take what she freely offered, and more. Within moments, Vita breaches his defenses and has him molded like putty in her hands. He knew he should send her back to her father, virtue intact, but the thought of her marrying another man set his blood to boiling. He may have suppressed the feelings he’d had for her when they were young, but it took scarcely a touch of her hand to remind him fully how much he loved her. While his brothers and fellow Lycan’s weren’t too keen on the whole idea, Radek decided that no matter where they went, Vita was coming with them.

Ms. Lee has penned a tantalizingly sweet little tale full of big bad wolves, vampyres, and a little bit of magic. The journey for these lover is rocky, to say the least. Seems fate is always against them. Just when freedom looms on the horizon, Vita is forced to make a decision that changes her dreams of being with Radek forever. Radek’s pain at her loss is palpable. Angry at the turn of events, I ached with him. But all is not lost. A surprising twist at the end left me with a smile and a heart full of warm fuzzies. While some of the plot seems a bit cliché—Lycans subservient to Vampyres—Ms. Lee has taken the idea and added some little surprises into the mix. It’s always nice to see something new and this quaint little tale didn’t disappoint.

Vampyres and Lycans, it doesn’t get much better than this. If you’re an avid reader of paranormal beasties and you like a good measure of steamy sex in your stories, then you’ll probably enjoy Instinct by Lizzie Lynn Lee. It’s a quick read with a fast pace that wastes little time in getting to the good stuff. My only complaint? I wanted more. Perhaps Ms. Lee plans to expand on her characters in future installments. I know I’ll be quick in line to read them.


  1. Sounds good. Love a good shifter book,

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