In the Midst of Magic by Christian Cura

In the Midst of Magic by Christian Cura
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: LGBTQ, Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

Meet Kara Hartman, a young painter who is hiding her magic from the world. Traumatized by the loss of her brother, she wants nothing more to do with magic. But just as her art career takes off and she has found new love, it becomes apparent that the universe has other plans for Kara. When she discovers that an old foe has broken out of prison, hellbent on destroying her new life, Kara has no choice but to embrace the only power that can stop her.

In the Midst of Magic is a standalone book (as far as I can tell) although it has plenty of potential for further stories set in this world. I actually checked to see if it was part of a series as I felt like I had dropped halfway into a story at the beginning.

Kara was friends with a woman named Charlotte, who was bad news and killed Kara’s brother. Due to this, Kara locks away her magic, only releasing it when she has to stop the ‘flickers’. Charlotte is captured and locked away but escapes, with revenge on her mind.

The world our main characters inhabit is intricate – both in its belief/magic system and also how they live side-by-side with non-magical people. I would have preferred the story if more information was given about the different gods and what they represent.

The pacing was good and the story kept moving along, but it was like two stories rolled into one. Firstly, you have Kara, Selene, Nora, and Charlotte. And secondly, you have Reagan and Thalia. I have no issue with this, but I would have preferred more back story to all of it. I felt like I was only skimming the surface when I wanted more! I was left with unanswered questions.

On the whole, this was an enjoyable F/F action story that is light on the romance and intense on the action/fighting side.

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