In the Dark by Brandon Massey

In the Dark by Brandon Massey
Publisher: Dark Corner Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (265 pgs)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Ginger


Len and Olivia Bowden had been seeking the ideal home in which to raise their daughter, Kennedy. The classic Victorian in a historic Atlanta neighborhood had everything they were looking for: lots of room in which to grow, friendly neighbors, and best of all, a bargain price, the result of a bank foreclosure. Hardly able to believe their good fortune, they move in and begin making plans for a promising future.

Then the stranger arrives at their front door. An elderly man, strong and imposing in spite of his age, he claims that a con artist deceived him in a mortgage deal, leading to the foreclosure on the house into which they’ve moved. He asserts that the property still rightfully belongs to him–and he demands that they move out within three days. Or else.

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Doors open and shut on their own. Footsteps creak across the old floors. And young Kennedy is convinced that she sees monsters lurking in the shadows . . .

As the incidents worsen, they realize that their very lives depend upon finding out what’s really going on. But once they finally discover the shocking truth about the old house and its mysterious former resident, it may already be too late.

In the Dark is a well written and creative read that is sure to have readers looking over their shoulders.

When a hundred and ten year old Queen Anne Victorian in Candler Park, in one of Atlanta’s prized historic district came on the real estate market after the owner lost the property in foreclosure, Len and Olivia Bowden was there ready to purchase their dream home. An unexpected knock on the door by the previous homeowner, Dr. Laveaux, cuts the happiness of unpacking in their new home short. After being threatened to leave their dream home after three days, the Bowdens start to experience strange and unbelievable things.

The story behind Dr. Laveaux of Haiti decent is unnerving and he will stop at nothing to get back what’s rightfully his. The story is well written and definitely can have a reader on edge due to the paranormal activity. Brandon Massey is an amazing paranormal writer. He has a way of creating a story with lively character and he makes you wonder if the story and the events could be real. The characters are strong-willed and courageous. The story has an unexpected plot twist that doesn’t let the action sag at any point. The author included moments that played mind tricks with the characters and a few times I was even wondering what was real. The three days did seem to go by very slow. Len and Olivia didn’t take Dr. Laveaux’s threat very seriously. Time was ticking the first two days in slow motion but as the deadline approached it seems the story picked up pace and the ending rushed.

As the count for the days go by, Dr. Laveaux’s antics increased. This unputdownable tale combines style and suspense. You may need to sleep with a nightlight after reading this terrifying thriller. I enjoyed that the author didn’t overwhelm the story with love and romance. I did like that the couple was up against perilous danger and their marriage bond was strengthened. The author did a wonderful job of creating a believable couple complete with flaws and past emotions that Dr. Laveaux plays on. I wanted things to work out for Len and Olivia but I also felt sorry for how Dr. Laveaux lost his house. Yes he is the horrible bad guy and he’s seeking revenge on all who had a part in taking his home.

The novel is spectacularly paced and gives a full story. A reader can’t go wrong with adding this diverting story to their paranormal reading list.

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