Hurricane Ryan by Katya Summers

Hurricane Ryan by Katya Summers
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

I never planned on becoming a lifeguard at Sea Side Cove, but now it’s the one thing that’s right in my life. At least until the new guy shows up, and throws me off my game. Ryan’s the most amazing man I’ve ever met.

There’s just one problem. I’m not available.

My relationship is complicated at best. I haven’t been happy in a long time, but I owe Travis. I can’t just walk out on him. And if Ryan knew the truth, he wouldn’t want me anyway.

Now if I can just convince him of that.

I’ve never met anyone like Carly. This tiny little spitfire is the most determined woman I’ve ever met. She’s been dealt a bad hand in life and I’m determined to convince her she deserves better. But when Sea Side finds itself in the path of a Category 5 hurricane, I have to do more than convince her. I have to save her when she runs off into the storm.

Coworkers to friends to lovers with elements of forbidden romance. First person, dual POV. A standalone suspense romance with a guaranteed Happily Ever After and no cliffhanger. Carly and Ryan flirt, but she never cheats. Recommended for readers ages 18 and up.

Two lifeguards, a hurricane and a burning desire between them. What can go wrong?


I picked up this book because the premise caught me. Lifeguards, a hurricane…simmering romance. It sounds like a great read. So I picked it up. I’m glad I did. These characters were fresh and fun. Carly is determined and seemed to have a lot go wrong for her. She’s relatable. Sometimes life just gives you a gigantic turd and it’s up to you to figure out how to handle it. How she does is interesting and relatable. I liked Ryan, too. He’s sweet and seems almost too perfect. He’s the quintessential romance hero. For sheer fantasy, he’s the one.

There were times when the writing wasn’t my cuppa, but it was the cadence of the sentences that drew me out of the story a few times. That might not be a deterrent for everyone, but it was for me. There were moments I questioned what Carly did and the lots life threw at her, but again, not everyone will feel this way.

If you’re looking for a romance where there’s hope and sweetness while in the midst of a hurricane, then this might be the one for you.

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