How to Survive the Office by Jeremy Young

How to Survive the Office by Jeremy Young
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Non-Fiction, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

There is an enormous stress and anxiety pandemic spanning workplaces all over the world. To survive this pandemic, we must start by understanding and accepting the dynamics of office life as it really is and then create our path towards a peaceful future.

I have seen the insides of more offices than I prefer to count. I worked for numerous public, private, family-owned American, European, Middle Eastern, and Asian businesses across many different countries, for more than 20 years. The similarities of office life all over the world are striking. The problems experienced by junior associates, executive staff, and C.E.O.s, though at different levels of complexity, are remarkably alike. Equally similar are the promoted solutions in M.B.A. degrees and business books that do not solve office staff’s everyday problems. Why? Because they ignore the core office reality and paint a picture of a non-existent fairy tale.

There is still much drama in the workplace. Most, if not all, of it can be avoided.
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Read “How to Survive the Office” to craft your own way out of the office. Contribute your office stories to to help heal the office life.

These are the unspoken rules for thriving in an office setting.

Every company has its own unique culture. I appreciated the author’s stories about the various places he’s worked and why he recommends being so cautious, especially in the early days when a new employee is still learning how everything works and what their new coworkers and bosses are truly like. There’s definitely something to be said for making a gentle entrance in order to avoid accidentally stepping on anyone’s toes.

One thing I do wish this book had gone into more detail about was the interview process itself. It would have been interesting to read Mr. Young’s thoughts on the red and green flags to look for when deciding whether one is actually interested in working for a particular company. It also would have been helpful to get more advice from him about how to put one’s best foot forward during the interview process.

Some of the most interesting passages came from Mr. Young’s thoughts on how to identify and manage a toxic work environment. Whether it was caused by one person in particular or by multiple problematic folks, he had a lot of sensible advice about how to minimize the effects of working with people who have trouble relating to and communicating with others.

How to Survive the Office was a thought-provoking and educational read that I’d recommend to anyone who is looking for a new job at the moment or trying to decide how to navigate the social scene at their current workplace.

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