Thief of Souls by JG Faherty

Thief of Souls by JG Faherty
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (62 pages)
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Demons don’t forgive.

Perry didn’t want to be a thief. He simply needed to make back the money he lost on a bad business investment. Just three houses, then he can stop. But someone must be running a scam on him, trying to frighten him into turning himself in. He hears noises at night, small fires start in his house, and his dreams are filled with terrible nightmares.

Soon Perry begins to fear it’s no mere scam—something unholy and inhuman is playing a game of cat and mouse with him. Perry has stolen an ancient idol…and the demon who inhabits it. However, when he tries to return the idol, he finds out it’s much too late. The demon intends to teach Perry a lesson, a lesson that will destroy everything and everyone that Perry loves.

Justice is a noble concept, but some criminals are so good that never have to worry about getting caught. Or do they?

Between taking advantage of people who had every reason to trust him and blaming everyone but himself for the bad decisions that lead him to robbery in the first place, Perry is the kind of protagonist that I love to hate. His intelligence and resourcefulness aren’t quite enough to make up for his many character defects, but they do make his journey even more interesting by providing glimmers of the person he could have been if he’d made different choices.

The foreshadowing in this story was a little too strong. I don’t mind having a good idea of what might happen ahead of time, but in this particular case the horror elements would have been even scarier had there been fewer clues about what was awaiting Perry around the next plot twist.

I’ve often wondered what antiques would say if they could speak. There’s something slightly eerie about a household object being passed down from one person to the next for many generations, and the mask in this book is no exception to that rule. This became even more true as Perry’s reactions to the things he hears, sees, and smells intensify. Thinking about the worst case scenario is scarier to me than having it spelled out plainly, and there was plenty of anticipation to be found as this plot built up.

Thief of Souls reads like a classic horror tale. There is a lot of creepy stuff between these pages for those of us who are fans of this genre!

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