His Lordship’s Mistress by Joan Wolf

His Lordship’s Mistress by Joan Wolf
Publisher: Untreed Reads
Genre: Historical
Length: Full length (165 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Jessica O’Neill was the toast of London society—a stunning actress who had appeared from nowhere to take the stage by storm. But not even her most ardent admirers suspected how brilliant an actress she was.

Nothing that Jessica said or did betrayed her true identity as a high-born young lady risking her good name in a desperate gamble to save her family from total ruin. And when the dashing, handsome, immensely wealthy Earl of Linton made Jessica an offer that was simply impossible to reject, there was no way she could turn back on her dangerous path.

Jessica O’Neill had to play the part of a wealth-hunting wanton to the hilt—but one thing was not in her script. Falling in love…

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The start of the story introduced me to the heroine, her dilemma, the ultimatum and the reason she chose the course she did. At first, I thought I knew who the hero was going to be, but I was quickly corrected.

I’m glad because I much prefer who it turned out to be, Philip, Lord Linton. He’s not quite what I expected though and I’m happy about that too. He started out expecting a mistress and he discovered something much more amazing, but it unnerved him. He was feeling so good he went with it, didn’t question much and he was an ideal hero in how he treated Jessica. Be warned, the hero may not say much but he is listening to Jessica, watching and gathering clues. His attention to detail is what makes a difference in the end.

There are some wonderful moments of kissing, longing looks and tender moments but as soon as the tension heats to the point of culmination, the door abruptly closes and I was left with the impression of a done deal without the show. It was quite refreshing. I was left dealing with their emotions and impressions, feelings and internal dialogue. I enjoyed every moment.

Philip’s family and friends were doing all the worrying for him. They gossiped, plotted and planned, all in the name of familial love and devotion. They all meant well but the results were, as anticipated, disastrous. How the author described both characters in the aftermath of their separation broke my heart.

The final clue was innocently dropped into place and Philip wasted no time in taking up the challenge. I absolutely adored how the hero was dedicated to finding her and was willing to do whatever he could to woo and win Jessica. This was when his family had a chance to right the wrong visited upon their relationship and I was cheering for their success. Philip’s sister was like a one-woman calvary.

There are more intriguing plot points that rounded out this story nicely but I’m not gong to say anymore. There is some emotional drama, an attempted kidnapping and some wonderful Shakespearian moments that enhanced my reading enjoyment. All in all, His Lordship’s Mistress is a wonderful romance story that is pleasing, entertaining and made me feel happy at the end. All good points to recommend this story to other romance fans.

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