Her Werewolf Protector by Jodi Vaughn

Her Werewolf Protector by Jodi Vaughn
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

He’ll stop at nothing to protect her…even if it means hunting a killer.

Werewolf Braxton Devereaux is on the run. Accused of a murder he didn’t commit, he is forced to flee Pack Law, and the death sentence waiting for him. On the run from deadly assassins, he is nearly out of their reach when an assassin’s bullet hits its mark. Wounded, in pain, his wolf seeks shelter in the form of an unsuspecting and very beautiful woman.

Kate Wolph is busy trying to keep her Bed and Breakfast from going into foreclosure. The last thing she needs is an injured wild animal to care for. When that bleeding wolf transforms into a gorgeous man with blank eyes and a deadly smile, she should be terrified, not intrigued. Thrust suddenly into the supernatural world that surrounds him, Kate doesn’t know what to believe or who to trust. But the heat in Braxton’s kiss makes thinking all too difficult. And turning him away? Impossible.

Braxton has a reason to stay and fight, to uncover the truth. Kate is his reason now, and he’ll stop at nothing to protect her…even if it means hunting a killer.

I liked this novel even more than the other book I reviewed, Her Werewolf Bodyguard. Why? Because Her Werewolf Protector made me belly laugh, and had me sliding to the side of my chair because I was laughing so hard. Why? Because Ms. Vaughn introduced some authors on a writer’s retreat and the liquor flowed. What happens when these authors get tipsy? When they are introduced to Granny’s home party wares? Hilarity. What started off serious quickly morphed into one of the funniest scenes I’ve read in a while. For that reason alone, it shot the rating to a solid 5. Whenever I have a sad day, all I’ll have to do is read that chapter and I’ll get the giggles. Well done, Ms. Vaughn.
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Now, this novel is not a romcom, it’s more romantic suspense but the comedic elements were well placed, well done and provided some much-needed levity during scenes that could have easily been written as serious and dark. I’m so happy the author wrote this book as she did. It was a wonderful balance.

Braxton is the hero whose suffering was propagated by the werewolf culture and the job he has as a Guardian. The poison he was exposed to did something to his physiology that was unheard of, which is a perfect reason for the hero to not act in his normal manner. And, it’s why I felt the plot worked. Drugs can affect a person in so many ways, especially with some of the worst side effects sounding like they came from a horror story starring a mad scientist with evil intentions.

Kate’s situation is sad. Her conflict is a trope that has been done before in movies and books; the unscrupulous builder with an eye on a family-owned business being in the way of the perfect development and who will do anything to get his way. He’s slimy to be sure, but he’s not the main antagonist; there are others but they have their sights on Braxton. Combine Kate’s dilemma and Braxton’s dangerous situation and a reader is in for an amazing time.

There’s a sad element in the story, that being Braxton’s mom and her inability to love him as she should. I believe the reason is valid because she is the victim of an abusive husband. She’s a broken woman who has been conditioned by her abuser. It doesn’t resolve in a Pollyanna moment – it’s more realistic and therefore adds to the gravity and depth of the book.

The romance that blossoms between Braxton and Kate was fun to watch grow. Pay attention to the small details about Kate and a reader will know why their relationship worked and why Barrett, Braxton’s boss, didn’t stop it either. The bedroom door is wide open but those scenes didn’t confine themselves to the bedroom. They’re not overly graphic so I enjoyed that aspect of their relationship.

I don’t want to write an overly long review, although there is a lot left unsaid because the author packed this full-length novel with a lot of detail, dialogue, adventure, suspense, twists and surprises. One of those surprises was particularly unpleasant, for me because of the descriptions used by the author, and for one of the main characters because of who it was. I couldn’t put this book down because there was always the question, what next? Ms. Vaughn delivered.

Her Werewolf Protector is a must read for fans of the Werewolf Guardian series. I think this book is the best one I’ve read so far. Most of them I’ve read out of order and I believe they can stand on their own two feet – well, four in this case. I do admit it was nice having read two back to back because the reading experience ended up being richer. No matter how they’re read, I think they provide wonderful romance and a satisfactory happy-ever-after. I’m a happy reader.

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