Her Secret Life by Tiffany L. Warren

Her Secret Life by Tiffany L. Warren
Publisher: Dafina
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (320 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

Scarred by poverty and life with a crackhead mother, Onika Lewis had a rough start. Still, thanks to her sharp mind, and hard work, she graduated with honors from a prestigious college. But her achievements weren’t enough to earn her the elite status she craved. So she leveraged her gorgeous looks to become a rich man’s trophy…and was eventually dumped her for a younger model. Now Onika is unemployed, broke—and homeless. She’s making a fresh start through a unique women’s shelter, but when she meets Graham, a kind-hearted commuter with whom she has an instant connection, she can’t bring herself to tell him her secret…

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What secret does Onika Lewis have that would cause her to leave her family and declare them dead while she attends the prestigious Robinson University in Atlanta?

Onika was young and under the impression that she had to make her life more than what it was to be accepted. The world can be harsh and unfortunately people can be judged on things they have no control over. To fit in, Onika lied about her up bringing. Onika is young and doesn’t seem to make the best decisions…from lying about her past to living with her cheating boyfriend. I would have liked to have Onika grow and have a voice and not be afraid of what society thought. She didn’t even lean on those she tried so hard to impress for help when she needed it. This makes me ask… what was the point of lying? Onika wasn’t original or true to herself. She tried to forget her mother and her mean grandmother but yet and still she let them run her life.

Onika has a problem with God. Because she prayed for her mother to get off drugs and it never happen, she took this out on God. None of the people she came across at school, not even her boyfriend, cared about God, but those she needed and depended on for shelter are the ones who wanted Onika to see and accept herself and also acknowledge that God is ever present in her life.

I wasn’t a fan of the storyline of lying and felt that Onika not owning her truth made her weak and gave others power over her. Her settling for a man she knows cheats was just too much for me. I did enjoy the strength that Charmayne from Safe Harbor brought to the story and to Onika. Onika was in need of positive and encouraging people in her circle. I did like the courtship of Onika and Graham. I enjoyed Graham and his friends they were a humorous trio.

The book was okay. The writing was simple. It’s not a complex storyline to follow. The book does offer a message that can help all who are willing to receive it. I was able to finish the book and found it enjoyable.

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