Heiress Gone Wild by Laura Lee Guhrke

Heiress Gone Wild: Dear Lady Truelove by Laura Lee Guhrke
Publisher: Avon
Genre: Historical
Length: Full length (304 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Dear Lady Truelove,

My ward is driving me crazy. I have to marry her off and get her out of my life. There’s just one problem…

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New York heiress Marjorie McGann wants a London season and a titled husband who can help her spend the Yankee millions she’s inherited, and she thinks her new British guardian is the perfect person to help her find him. But Jonathan has no intention of letting his friend’s fortune be squandered. Under his watchful, protective eye, Marjorie finds romance hard to come by . . . until one fateful night when her own guardian’s devastating kisses makes her wonder if the greatest romance of all might be right in front of her.

This is a perfect story for romance fans that enjoy the chase, the gradual build-up of yearning and desire, of watching a hero and heroine deal with the pitfalls and frustrations of navigating society’s rules and propriety, and relish the explosion of passion when it becomes impossible to resist. Jonathan and Marjorie’s initial meeting was tame which led the hero into a complacent frame of mind. Imagine his shock when he discovers that the heroine is a woman with her own opinions, goals and dreams, and has the gumption to make things happen. Plans go awry for both of them and the challenge they face is figuring out what they really want out of life, and what they’re willing to do to make it happen. The journey is fascinating.

Marjorie’s character starts out like fresh taffy, easy to pull and stretch, is moldable yet sweet. Once she figures things out, she ends up being a woman who knows her own mind and goes after what she wants. Jonathan is a man torn between duty and desire, old dreams and an uncertain future. What does he really want? His trying to figure it out is why I liked him. Life is like that – throws curve-balls at plans and all a person can do is stand there, twisting in the breeze with no true path until something seems ‘right’. What he chooses as ‘right’ ends up being his downfall and his saving grace. I didn’t expect it to work out like that but I am glad it did. It contributed to a nice wrap-up for their happy ever after. The author chose the right scenario for her characters and I liked the circular nod to their interesting beginnings.

The most profound and pivotal moment was when Marjorie realized that she won’t settle for what’s expected. She had a ton of examples of that life starting with Lady Stansbury, the epitome of proper. The author did such a great job of detailing the acceptable activities for a lady, I groaned when everyone else did at the mention of her name. Marjorie’s “Aha!” moment was precipitated by her interaction with her old friend, Jenna. That whole scene painted a crystal clear picture of her future if she let it. What follows can be called a classic coalesced romantic HEA – satisfying and complete.

My pace of reading was moderate at best. The author is a master at description to set a scene, with details that painted clear pictures for a reader so that the tone, emotion and environment could come alive. I’m not patient with that type of writing so I was chomping at the bit to get to the good stuff – when Jonathan finally acknowledged to himself that he couldn’t deny himself any longer, that he had to have her, and Marjorie would finally be awakened to the joys of being a woman in all its glory. Finally! It was worth waiting for. I enjoyed watching Marjorie grow as a person and as a woman and I was so happy to see Jonathan finally getting everything he ever dreamed of – even though his dream changed a bit, for the better.

Heiress Gone Wild follows the traditional style for historical romance. It’s a well written character driven story with secondary characters that contribute significant assistance to both the hero and heroine when they need it most. I especially liked Jonathan’s sisters. Oh, and their husbands too. I can easily recommend this book to historical romance fans. This novel is delightful and I am happy I read it.

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