Guardian Angel by Sean Michael

Guardian Angel by Sean Michael
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, LGBTQ, Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Country singer Daniel “Dusty” Young can’t understand why anyone would want him dead, or why anyone would think he’s important enough to kidnap. So it comes as a complete surprise when attempts are made on his life and he’s assigned Rafe, a G-man guardian angel. Rafe is determined to protect Daniel, even from himself, but it’s not an easy job.

When Rafe finally takes Daniel off to the middle of nowhere, it gives them time to pursue other things, like each other. Too much R&R might just make them sloppy, though, and sloppy could get them killed. Can they survive fighting for their lives and falling in love?

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I thoroughly enjoyed the action and faster pace of this sexy romance. I loved how from literally the first page there is the clear sense of danger, mayhem and a very fast movement to the plot. Rafe and Daniel are virtual strangers and it was believable and pretty hot how Daniel didn’t just immediately roll over and follow Rafe’s lead. Rafe is clearly a professional protector and knew exactly what he was doing, but I really enjoyed the chemistry and sizzle. Rafe is used to giving orders and having them followed, Daniel isn’t a pushover and so obviously these too men took a bit of time to find a happy medium where they could both coexist in the same space. This absolutely added to the heat and snap between the men for me without making it too aggressive or conflict heavy.

I thought the author had amazing balance with this too. Sure, Daniel wasn’t going to just lie back and let Rafe order him around – nor was Rafe going to bully or be a total asshole to Daniel, but Rafe had a job to do and Daniel could pretty clearly see that these antagonists weren’t messing around or just playing some sort of joke or prank. Daniel was in hot water, Rafe was a professional, I was really impressed that while neither man gave in or lost face, neither did they drag out the finding of middle ground where they could work together. I found this crazy hot and delicious to read. It also was lovely to see that neither man was going to be pig-headed about the situation they found themselves in.

This craziness at the start obviously calmed down somewhat as the book moved on – and while a part of me missed the intensity of the action and super fast pace, it was equally lovely to see the two men have some time to catch their breath and actually have a conversation and get to know each other a bit. This part of the story – where they actually built the foundation of their relationship – was just as lovely and delectable as the action heavy aspect of the start and I thought that was really well handled by the author. There was plenty of steamy intimacy between the guys and readers looking for a more erotic side to their romance should find this deeply satisfying.

With two interesting and fun characters, a bunch of action and heaps of sizzling in the sheets romance I found this to be a well rounded story and a great quick read. Recommended.

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