Frost Fair by Edith Layton

Frost Fair by Edith Layton
Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full length (199 pages)
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Dryas

When a gentleman is found dead on a fishmonger’s doorstep in Regency London, a rugged Bow Street Runner has to pair with the man’s elegant noble nephew to solve the crime. They both find unexpected help—and infatuation—with the fishmonger’s very unusual young widow.
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Individually, each has a reason for getting to the bottom of the mystery. And, as a trio, they find they are uniquely effective detectives with the ability to accomplish something few others can: solve a crime by scouring London, from its glorious heights of luxury to its rankest depths of depravity.

Viscount Lucian Peregrine Gregory Maldon, fifth Viscount of Maldon is minding his own business when his younger brother Arthur comes unexpectedly asking Lucian if he had seen their uncle. He had been missing for a few days and they can’t find him anywhere. Even his fiancee, Louisa doesn’t know where he is which is worrisome because they are to be married in a few days. As Lucian is the head of the family and takes his duty to them seriously, he goes to the Bow Street Runners for help. Unfortunately, there’s a dead body and it’s the uncle.

The characters in this novel are well developed and full of colorful personalities. I liked them all. The plot is original and drew me in right away. I enjoyed the wonderful description of the world, the culture, and the colorful characters all around them. I really was surprised at the ending, too. My two favorite characters are older fish wives named Mrs. Gow and her best friend Mrs. Gudge. They are the typical hard-working, hard-drinking, poorer woman who are also merry and loyal to those that are their friends. The banter between them whenever they appear made me laugh.

Will, Maggie, and Lucian’s relationship developed well and I liked how the author treated them throughout the story. More like a pair of brothers, and Maggie, rather than three people who met each other in another way. Their getting close was a treat to read.

There are some obstacles along the way and the ending wasn’t what I expected. I won’t give the ending away, but it made me yearn for the next story for these three. It is a friendship that should not be severed and I hope that there is another book that has them together.

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