Forever in a Moment by Charlotte O’Shay

Forever in a Moment by Charlotte O’Shay
Deerbourne Inn Book 8
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

Voted BoM by LASR Readers 2013 copy

A stormy encounter…

Samantha DeMartino’s Christmas wedding is two weeks away when her fiancé calls the whole thing off. Word on the street: his cold feet are being heated by an old flame. With her well-ordered world in complete disarray, Sam’s friends convince her to go on her honeymoon—alone. A week at a charming Vermont inn away from the city and her demanding corporate career could be just what she needs to figure out her next steps.

Between his twenty-four seven work schedule on his family’s dairy farm and teaching tourists to ski, Jed Armstrong’s too busy to think about how lonely he is…until Sam sings her way into his life during a Christmas blizzard. Now he has to figure out a way to convince her to stay.

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Oh my gosh I’m so late to the party! Apparently there are twenty-two books in the Deerbourne Inn series, written by all different authors. Apparently a reader doesn’t need to read them in order. I’ve never read a Charlotte O’Shay book but I think she did a fine job!

I’m the lucky reviewer to have read book eight, Forever in a Moment, and can I say “Wow!”. I’m so sad it’s over. It was the fastest one hundred and thirty eight pages I’ve ever read.

The hero, Jed, was “all that” and more. The book started off right away with him rescuing the heroine, Sam. I loved the quick start that just kept on flowing like the snow falling in the snow storms described in the story.

It wasn’t your typical busy city woman falling for a country farm boy with the conflict of will she stay in the country or will he follow her to the city because it wasn’t a typical farm setting. The setting was remarkable yet indescribable. You’ll need to read the book for yourself. In fact I’m curious to read some more books from the Deerbourne Inn series.

As far as the relationship between Sam and Jed, it was quite entertaining. She’s a proud successful Italian city woman and Jed is a well-loved small town citizen. The writing style contained humor, chemistry and honesty between the couple which made them relatable and lovable.

There was an epilogue which I always appreciate when I’m reading a romance. It’s like getting dessert after eating a delicious meal.

I don’t have any reservations about recommending this book at all. I’m excited to explore some of the other books in this series. I would encourage others to explore this book and series as well.


  1. Thank you so very much for this review.I’m beyond thrilled you love Samantha & Jed and the Deerbourne world as much as I do.

  2. Cathy McCabe says

    Absolutely loved this book! Read it over New Year’s holiday and felt like I was in Vermont with the characters! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Congratulations on this wonderful review. As an ex-Vermont dairy farmer, I’m going to have to add this book to my list.

  4. Courtney Davis says

    LOVED this book! Sam & Jed are two of my favorite romantic characters and I like Sam’s friendship with the front desk clerk just as much! Can’t wait to read another.

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