Finding Nikki by Jamie L. Biggs

Finding Nikki by Jamie L. Biggs
A White Mountain Pack Novel
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Nikki always knew she was different. What she didn’t know was that she isn’t entirely human.
Nikki discovers after her mom dies, why they never stayed in one place. She is now determined to make Mesa, Arizona her permanent home.

But when the broody, tall, dark, and handsome stranger shows up in her diner, Nikki realizes that if she is ever going to stand a chance at making a home for herself, she will have to go on the run again or fight like never before.

Now Zack has tipped his hand by letting his wolf out to protect her. Nikki’s hands are tied – or are they?

As fate approaches, only one question remains: Will Nikki accept Zack and what he has to offer her, a real home and family, or will she go on the run?

I was pleasantly surprised by this novel. The trope has been done before, true, but the way Ms. Biggs wrote Finding Nikki totally entertained me and left me feeling very happy when the story concluded with its well-rounded epilogue.

This book was the first one I’ve ever read by this author and I liked her style. I enjoyed the flow of the story, from Nikki’s first meeting Zack, to finding out why her mother was so paranoid, and why it was nothing like the heroine anticipated. Yes, there is the ‘fated mates’ plot but I appreciated the fact that the connection and relationship actually started when they were kids. It may have seemed sudden to the heroine, but it actually wasn’t. Another aspect of the novel was its being told in first person POV. The author did it well. There were no awkward moments or lengthy internal narrations. The pace was perfect for this story.

As with most paranormal stories with werewolf cultures, there are the violent, passionate natures, claws, rival packs and political plots and conflicts. What I found to be a breath of fresh air and is one hundred percent appreciated by me was the author’s decision to keep me out of the bedroom. I was spared the announcer-type-moment-by-moment details to the nth degree about what happens between Zack and Nikki. I found the kisses, the touches, the eye-to-eye contact and the sensual atmosphere more than enough for me to get the picture that the chemistry between them is hot, satisfying and wild. True, it made the story move a bit faster but that was okay by me. I didn’t have long to wait for the good stuff.

My emotions were affected, especially the part about Nikki’s dad. I didn’t expect that to happen and it got me in the heartstrings. When it came to the dramatic and climactic attack amid all the growls and violence, again, the author didn’t need to go into graphic detail. I understood. I comprehended the ramifications. In this novel, less is more and again, I felt it to be a strength because I focused more on the characters, their emotions and the end results. As a reader, I was given everything I needed to fall in love with the main characters, feel emotions for them, worry and celebrate with them when the epilogue revealed a wonderful future and happy-ever-after for Nikki and Zack. I also thought her nickname for the hero was genius – cute, adorable, and ever so accurate. What starts off as annoying to the hero turns into a label of love and affection. That’s how I knew they had a strong and positive relationship.

I looked for more from this author and it doesn’t look like there are additional stories specific to the White Mountain pack, but if there ever is one, I’ll be one happy reader. I’d snap it up in a heartbeat. This story was an utter joy to read and has a complete happy ever after with all the threads that matter tied up with a wonderful, happy bow. I can easily recommend this to paranormal romance readers like me who are more into the romance and the story than the bed.

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