Evil Embers by Cristelle Comby

Evil Embers by Cristelle Comby
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Length: Full Length (319 pgs)
Rated: 5 stars
Review by Rose

There’s “hard to kill”—and then there’s Bellamy Vale.
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After narrowly preventing the destruction of Cold City, PI Bellamy Vale needs a rest. Or rather, he needs a plain and simple vanilla case—no monsters or otherworldly creatures involved!When foreign businessman Eli Smith shows up at his doorstep with a thick wallet and a request to find his missing sister, Vale doesn’t think twice before agreeing.If he’d known body-hopping demons and smoke monsters came attached to this job, however, he might have.

This is the second book in the Vale Investigation urban fantasy series, but although my reading might have been a bit richer had I read the first book in the series (an omission I plan to rectify as soon as possible), I had no trouble following the book or the characters. There was some elements of the world building I felt I would understand better had I read the first book (and I would love to hear how Bel become Death’s supernatural detective), but I love these characters! We get to meet some interesting characters from the other side of a portal that apparently opened in book one. One group is really awesome… the other group, not so much.

The story starts off with a bang and doesn’t slow down. I also really enjoyed the supporting cast and could well see this on the big screen. What an exciting thrill-ride that would be!

Although the book kept me on the edge of my seat, there were also some humorous moments – mostly in the dialogue between Bel and.. well, everyone… and the way Eli learns about life in Cold City. I don’t want to say more about that because of the fear of spoilers, but Eli and his sister are among some of my favorite characters.

I have bought book one and am anxiously looking forward to the next book in the series. Kudo, Ms. Comby!


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  2. Rita Wray says

    Sounds like a good book.

  3. bernie wallace says

    How many hours a week do you spend writing on average?

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