Escorting Daddy’s Billionaire Best Friend by Lacy Rider

Escorting Daddy’s Billionaire Best Friend by Lacy Rider
Submitting to Daddy’s Billionaire Best Friend, Book 1
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Just one night, that’s all…

I can’t believe what I’d just agreed to. I’ve always been supportive of Stella being an escort; after all, she can do whatever wants to make money. I just never thought I’d go as far as filling in for her.

But, she’s assured me that I just need to be his arm candy for one night. Nothing more is expected. Then, I’ll get a big payday that I desperately need.

When my cab pulls up outside a hotel owned by my father’s filthy rich best friend, everything changes. What would I do if he caught me here, dressed like this?

Tonight, I’ll be submitting to a forbidden billionaire…

Hot, jarring and dangerous.

I picked this book up on a lark. It looked hot and might be fun for a short read. It was interesting, to say the least.

This is told in first person, and it was nice to get both points of view, but this is entirely too short. I have no idea much of the background of the characters. I barely knew what they looked like. I will say the chemistry between them is good, but it’s so quick. I didn’t form much of an emotional bond with them. I wish I’d have known what made them tick. I get that it’s a short story, so I went along for the ride. I also have to add that I was a bit shocked by how fast things progressed. It’s the high heat kind of story, so there’s that and it delivered. It was scorching. It’s also a cliff-hanger, which could be a turn-off to some readers. It worked for me as I wanted a morsel story, not a full novel.

If you’re looking for something hot and about a half-hour read, then this might be the one for you. I see there are more books in the series, and it would be nice to get to know these characters more, so I’d encourage reading those next. I will be.

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