Choices by Em Woods

Choices by Em Woods
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (50 pgs)
Other: M/M, M/M/M, Ménage, Anal Play
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Fern

When a rodeo clown, a small town veterinarian and his assistant form a complicated trio, they find it’s their choices that determine who finds love.

When rodeo clown Brandt Collins is forced into retirement by an injury in the arena, he heads to long-time friend Kaden Slater’s hometown to settle down. As far as he’s concerned, if that old flame ignites into a wildfire, then all the better.

Kaden is glad to see Brandt, but a little complication in the form of Kaden’s new assistant, Mike, throws a wrench in all their plans. Sexy, smart and young, Mike wants Kaden more than he wants his next breath.

Soon, misunderstandings and the past conspire to tear the trio apart before they’ve even begun. And now it’s their choices that will determine who finds love—and who doesn’t.

At thirty five Brandt was no longer agile enough to be a rodeo clown. Kaden is a vet and has been one of Brandt’s best friends for many years. After they made their choices to remain close friends and not more, each had scrupulously kept their emotional distance from the other. Mike was Kaden’s vet assistant and while Kaden waited for his cowboy to come home, chemistry sizzled between Mike and Kaden. Can the three men come together and make choices that they can all live with?

This is a really sweet, warm-hearted short story. I loved the three characters of Kaden, Brandt and Mike and was pleased to watch these friends finally act on their feelings and become a threesome. There were some great secondary characters too. I found this to be quite a slow paced, steamy read. There is a delicious amount of chemistry between all three men – Kaden/Brandt and Kaden/Mike in particular – and watching this triangle become a menage was a lovely story. I loved the threesome scene when it finally came about – readers who enjoy a lot of buildup, chemistry and tension in their stories should not be at all disappointed.

I was impressed by the way the author kept the attraction and sexy desire between the three men simmering, with a few hot kisses and I felt the simmering sexual tension was a wonderful way to keep the eroticism of the story high without having endless, meaningless sex scenes padding the story out. This also made that final menage scene well worth the wait and hotter for all the buildup.

I really enjoyed this story and would happily recommend it to readers looking for a steamy, chemistry-strong threesome story.

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