Captive Angel by Cyndi McKay

Captive Angel by Cyndi McKay
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (212 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Dryas

Captured in a time not her own.For modern day Gabrielle Ross, a college student and fencing enthusiast, the unexpected happens—a mysterious fog transports her back to the year 1760. Suddenly she finds herself aboard a sailing vessel where sea battles and sword fights make it far easier to die than to live.Branded a stowaway and a spy, she is forced to pick up a sword to defend herself. While being interrogated by a take-no-prisoners English sea captain, Gabrielle must fight for her independence in a time when women have none.While doing his part for “king and country” aboard the HMS Seawraith, Captain Sinclair has earned a reputation for courage and daring. Women find him irresistibly heroic, and yet, no woman has ever touched Damion’s heart—until a twist in fate has a fiercely independent 21st-century woman landing on board his ship.Though unsure if Gabrielle is friend or foe, Damion is drawn to the spirited beauty in ways he cannot deny. As he becomes increasingly intrigued by her unusual mannerisms, the defiant tilt to her chin and thunderous flash to her gray eyes, he begins to unravel her secrets. Damion embarks on a skilled seduction that not only places Gabrielle in his bed—but in his heart as well.

Gabrielle Ross is at a beach late at night in Boston Massachusetts, drunk off Tequila because she had a run in with her ex-boyfriend who still has feelings for her. While she slept, a large fog bank moved in and transported her to the past. When she wakes up, she finds herself on the ship Sea wraith, back in the 1760’s, where she meets Captain Damion Sinclair.

Gabrielle is a fun character. She thinks on her feet and does what she likes, despite being under the Captain’s protection. She’s sassy and more than enough to keep him on his toes. I liked her a lot.
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I thought that the Captain was also a well-developed character. His personality is overwhelming to most people but not to Gabrielle. In fact, his best friend told him that she was the only woman that Damion would have been able to stand. His past was a hard one which built his character, but also made it hard for him to see himself with a loving family. Especially as his childhood was not pleasant. Gabrielle slowly shows him that a spouse can be an equal in a relationship and so much more.

It was obvious to everyone but them that would get together. The attraction and passion between them runs deep. Each touch is electric, and each kiss melts her bones. The love scenes are tastefully done but also do a wonderful job of showing the passion and tenderness between them.

The period is well described and I felt like I was standing in the old era watching what was going on. I felt the motion of the ship, the sun and water on my face and the confusion of trying to learn a new culture. The characters are all different and wonderfully described. I enjoyed the characters of Jacob and a young man named Arnie. Jacob treated Gabrielle like a father, giving her information behind his captains back and helping her adjust to the world she has been thrown into. Young Arnie had lost his leg in the battle, and Gabrielle is the only one that he will talk to. She shows a great deal of mothering abilities, staying with him and helping him to learn that it is not the end of the world that he lost his leg.

It was also fun watching Gabrielle deal with the nobility.  At her first social gathering, a dinner, men were giving her a hard time about her attitude and boldness. She did a magnificent job of defending herself and also proving to the men that a woman can be as smart as a man. She challenges the societal norms all the time. For example, she dressed herself one day because she did not want tot wake up the servants. Another one was when she walked down to the beach by herself to play in the water, not realizing that she needed an escort everywhere she went. Yet her beauty, poise, and wit seems to break down the wall between her and the men.

While things won’t always be perfect and there are obstacles, the fun is finding out how the characters deal with such things.

A wonderful book full of great characters, sea-voyages, historical detail and a wonderful plot. I couldn’t find a thing I would change. I hope you will pick this up and get lost in a romance for all times.

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