Can You Keep a Secret by Mary Monroe

Can You Keep a Secret by Mary Monroe
Publisher: Dafina
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (89 pgs)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

In this page-turning prequel to her thrilling Lonely Heart, Deadly Heart series, New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe introduces Lola Poole and Joan Proctor, fast friends getting a crash course in love, family, betrayal—and other little disasters…
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They couldn’t be less alike—except for their restless spirits. Lola came from a loving home, even though it included her father’s live-in mistress. And Joan is a secret wild child chafing under her mother’s watchful eye. So when Lola’s quiet world shatters and her hopes seem out of reach for good, Joan has the perfect consolation in mind.

But the besties will soon discover that boyfriends, money, and good times are no real escape from their families’ ever-scandalous drama. Soon, with demanding stepparents, conniving relatives, and simmering secrets closing in, they’ll have to watch each other’s backs and use their quick wits to save their lifelong dreams…

“A deathbed promise is nothing to take lightly.” And Lola Poole did not take the promise she made to her dad lightly.

Lola Poole and Joan Proctor are the best of friends but come from two different families. Lola’s dad has a live-in mistress and she thinks it’s all right. Joan has a home that’s full of family members. Joan is never alone and hardly has any personal space. Lola is use to being the talk of the town but not in a good way. For someone so young she seemed to have a huge load to carry. Lola’s family members are slowly dismissed from her life. The life Lola once knew has completely changed and the only person still constant is her faithful friend Joan. I love that Joan is a true friend in Lola’s time of need. At their age they should be out having fun and having not a care or responsibility in the world. Due to the fact that Lola promised her dad that she would look after Bertha May, Lola isn’t able to enjoy her youth. I want to call Bertha selfish but maybe it’s a little of her being selfish but also her need for attention and to feel cared for. Her twin children serve no real purpose in her life but to make her feel lesser. This could by why Lola feels obligated to care for Bertha. Sometimes family isn’t necessarily blood related. Those that aren’t born into your family could end up being closer than blood.

Thought the book is short, I enjoyed it. Lola and Joan have a true friendship to admire. They have a valuable relationship that I enjoyed reading about. Lola needed and wanted a family and had to worry about being in this world alone, but Joan made sure that Lola always felt love and she was by Lola’s side. Lola’s life drastically changed, and she went through a lot in her few years. Her life could seem pretty sad to some but I get the feeling that Lola is a strong young lady that will be able to overcome and build off of her pain. She didn’t focus on the bad stuff.  Maybe that’s why I enjoyed the story, because Lola didn’t use her unfortunate situation to have pity for herself or turn to a life that took her down the wrong path. The story is a good teaser that makes me want to read what happens to Lola and Joan next.


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