Brides of Banff Springs by Victoria Chatham

Brides of Banff Springs by Victoria Chatham
Publisher: Books We Love Publishing
Genre: Historical, Paranormal
Length: Full length (161 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Dryas

In the Dirty Thirties jobs were hard to come by. Having lost her father and her home in southern Alberta, Tilly McCormack is thrilled when her application for a position as a chambermaid at the prestigious Banff Springs Hotel, one of Canada’s great railway hotels, is accepted.

Tilly loves her new life in the Rocky Mountain town and the people she meets there. Local trail guide Ryan Blake, is taken with Tilly’s sparkling blue eyes and mischievous sense of humor, and thinks she is just the girl for him. Ryan’s work with a guiding and outfitting company keeps him busy but he makes time for Tilly at every opportunity and he’s already decided to make her his bride.

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Will they find the missing bride and will Tilly accept Ryan’s proposal?

In 1935 a young woman Matilda ‘Tilly’ McCormack leaves everything behind in Medicine Hat, Canada to come to the well-known The Banff Springs Hotel for a job as a housekeeper. While she stands on the railroad station, she misses the last car to the hotel and was worried about how to get to her job in time. She meets Ryan Blake, who works for the hotel transporting guest’s luggage and guiding the tourists via horseback around the beautiful area. He offers to take her with him in his cart. Tilly was instantly attracted to him. A great quote about how their relationship is going to develop is, “I think I’m going to have to marry you”.

Tilly is a perfect match for him. She is tender, hardworking, with a spine of steel. She lets Ryan know in no uncertain terms that she has her own opinions and she should have a say in matters. She makes friends easily, especially her roommate Felicity ‘Flics’ takes her under her wing and introduces her to some of the other workers. What surprises everyone is how she became friends with one of the guests, Burma Evans. Although they do not have much in common Tilly feels sorry and somewhat responsible her welfare. What really made Tilly mad and sorrowful is seeing the situation between Burma and her fiancée. This is a great example of how every woman is treated the same no matter their cast in life.

There are three different relationships going on at the same time, each one showing an example of how each circumstances and personalities can affect a relationship. The first couple is Tilly and Ryan. Their relationship is incredibly strong, both of them finding love in each other’s arms. They are not embarrassed to show the world how they feel.

The second relationship is Fliss and Saul, who is a bellhop at the hotel. They are not allowed to show their wedding rings or their feelings. Then there is the third relationship between Burma Evans, a rich socialite who has plans to marry Frederic Vanderoosten, a handsome young man who is full of charm until he gets what he wants.

I really enjoyed this book because of the wonderful characters and the wonders of the environment and the culture. It’s enjoyable being able to see the different relationships and knowing that each one has its own problems but the way each one supports the other will determine how things will turn out. If you enjoy a sweet romance book this is a great book for you.

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