Born Daddy by Morticia Knight

Born Daddy by Morticia Knight
Publisher: Knight Ever After Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

They both loved an evil man. In a wrenching journey to redemption, leaning on each other will change their lives forever.

Grief-stricken Tate Myers can’t believe his Daddy and Master is gone. Reeling from the discovery of his dead lover’s secret life as a serial killer, he seeks answers from the one person who could help heal his heart. But when coffee shop chats with his Daddy’s best friend turn into an intense attraction, Tate wonders if he’s found the man to complete his recovery.

Former undercover cop, Rogan Steele, is completely blindsided when he learns his long-time buddy was a sadistic murderer. And with his own judgment now in question, he strongly empathizes with the grieving young man left traumatized and helpless. However, as their meetings fan the growing flames between them, Rogan is terrified he can’t fill the unfamiliar dominant role that Tate so desperately needs.

As their passion overpowers their hesitation, Tate aches to fully succumb to the older man’s control. If only Rogan doesn’t run away from what he was born to be—then they might stand a chance at forever.
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Will the shellshocked pair surrender to their destiny and accept love’s risk? Or will the scars from their shared tragedy destroy their future as Daddy and boy?

Tate’s Daddy was a serial killer and now he’s dead. How about that for a one-liner? How about another one? This book is AMAZING!

I have never read a Morticia Knight book that I didn’t like but, this one, wow, this one knocked me over. The way she writes about the torment and guilt that both Tate and Rogan feel because they didn’t know about Cam… the feelings they have for each other and yet daren’t move forward in case it ruins what they have…

Told from both their perspectives, you get the full picture of just what they are feeling and the things they think they need to do. Tate needs love and being cherished but he doesn’t quite know how to get them, even though he is the experienced one of the two. Rogan has a need to care for Tate but doesn’t quite understand it. How this works out is simply beautiful to read. I loved how they worked together and communicated with each other.

It isn’t all sunshine and roses though. Rogan has a real jerk of a friend and I was more pleased than I can say when he was kicked to the curb! I’m so glad Lenny was there for Tate and Rogan though!! I hope he gets his HEA too.

This was an outstanding story with real depth and emotion in every word. It isn’t constant steam because that wouldn’t work. When they do though, beautiful!

In case you hadn’t realized, I loved this book and I really can’t recommend it highly enough.

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