Bad Guys Finish Fast & Good Guys Finish Last by A.H. Scott

Bad Guys Finish Fast & Good Guys Finish Last by A.H. Scott
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Alstroemeria

A sexy lady with a fire inside has two men as different as dusk and dawn entering her life. Both men are sexy without a doubt. Will she choose lust or will she choose love? Maybe, it’s destiny that gives her that fateful shove. Out of a person’s hands they sometimes have little control on how the play of their destiny is cast in “Bad Guys Finish Fast & Good Guys Finish Last”.

This sultry story that begins with Miranda Grayson and Tiberius “Tiger” Preston, promises many steamy encounters to ensue, but there are a few things that lay underneath that will surprise every reader. Tiger and Miranda are off like a shot within the first couple of pages and diving deeper into those seedy fantasies we only think about behind closed doors. The scenarios presented are tantalizing, and while there are some more graphic depictions of these encounters, we hardly get any of those interactions between our main characters.

This may have been used as a device to show the readers that the relationship was not as intriguing as it presented itself within the first few pages, but as a reader I would have liked to get more description of our main characters participating, rather than the implication that they had participated before. Especially when we are not shy about all of the other participants in these lascivious acts.

As the title proclaims, Bad Guys Finish Fast & Good Guys Finish Last, when bad guy Tiger is old hat, so enters good guy Paul St. Richard. Miranda wants a shot at real love, and the handsome doctor might be just the candidate for a fresh start. The perfect hospital meet cute shows the audience right away that this is our guy.

The story from here moves pretty quickly towards an unexpected ending for Miranda, Tiger, and Paul. We find a sweetness in the characters whom we would normally associate with spice, but we find that nothing is sweeter than revenge.

A very fast read, but I found myself sometimes getting tripped up over cheesy dialogue. If I were getting down to the heat of things and my partner started calling me “My Randa”, I would not be able to stifle the urge to roll my eyes. But perhaps the possessive language is more to the liking of other readers.

Bad Guys Finish Fast & Good Guys Finish Last was all in all a pretty good read with some steamy moments, I only wished that we spent more time with the main characters getting busy! But A.H. Scott has truly written a novel that will give you a taste of EVERY forbidden fantasy!

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